Walk Away Founder Brandon Straka Just Made Stunning Announcement and People Are Cheering

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Walk Away founder Brandon Straka just made an announcement that’ll have conservatives cheering!

He just announced on Twitter that he might be considering running for office in order to help clean up our pathetic GOP.


And he also made it perfectly clear that he won’t be kissing Mitch McConnell’s rear end in order to get ahead.

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Check it out:

I don’t want to be a politician. Never did. Still don’t. But that might make me the best candidate American ppl could hope for. I don’t want to make a career in DC. I don’t care about kissing Mitch McConnell’s ass to play ball w the swamp. I would run only to clean this shit up.

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We definitely need less politicians and more patriots in D.C.

This announcement was welcome news to many conservatives on Twitter, who are sick and tired of establishment politicians.

We need people on city councils, election boards, school boards, and we need to find good DAs that will enforce the law. Take back your cities, your towns, your counties.

A patriot in office is not the same as a politician. Trump is not a politician. And not would you be one. We need exactly that running.

That’s about the best reason I can think of for running for office. And the absolute opposite reason 99% do run for office. Recognizing a need and sacrificing for that need, as distasteful as it may be. Be what is needed, not what is “expected”.

Like our great President, who also never wanted to get involved in politics until he saw how degenerate the swamp was. It was for duty not power and that’s why you and many other “non political” patriots should run these lifers out of swamp and truly drain it once and for all.

New blood ? We sure need that Brandon!!

I’m starting to think the same way, Patriots are gonna have to go in and clean up and fix this mess!!! @BrandonStraka you’d be great, I’d definitely vote for you ❤️🇺🇸


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We certainly do need some new blood in D.C.

It seems like many conservatives have had enough of self-serving career politicians and want people in office who will serve for what’s best for America.

This is the #1 reason why Trump was elected after all.

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