[VIDEO] Wild Scene Unfolding in Michigan Between Trump Electors and State Police at the Capitol

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Today is the day that the states send their electors, and it went from being a quiet day to a full-blown madhouse in no time flat.


In a shocking move, PA, GA, and NV have sent “contested electors” for Trump. Now, this does not mean that Biden doesn’t get his electors and isn’t jotted down as the “winner” of the state. It just means that there are contested electors voting for Trump.

In PA and GA, the GOP issued statements claiming that they made this move because POTUS still has court cases he’s working through and if they didn’t send their electors, that those cases would be moot.

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They said in statements that they did this to preserve Trump’s legal avenues.

As of this publishing, I have not seen a statement from NV GOP.

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However, there’s a bit of a hot-potato issue unfolding in my home state of Michigan right now.

Reports are coming in that suggest Trump’s electors were trying to get into the Capitol building cast votes for Trump but were denied entry by Michigan State Police.

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This is the video making the rounds on social media.

You can watch the video below:

This situation here certainly doesn’t help the already suspicious circumstances surrounding this election.


They should just allow the people in to say their peace, instead of creating what appears to be a very “authoritative/tyrannical” and rather “mysterious” situation.

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