[VIDEO] Unhinged GA Ballot Counter “Flips Off” Piece of Paper and Then Crumples it Up

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There’s a lot of things that MUST change and never happen again (mail-in ballots) when it comes to our elections…and among all of the things, I think we need to pick better, more stable people to work at election facilities.


I feel like we’re handing our elections over to a bunch of whack-jobs.

There have been so many bizarre videos of ballot counters doing odd things. Yet, remarkably, if you give fact-checkers and the left about 18 or so hours they can come up with an “excuse” to debunk just about anything.

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Kind of like stopping the vote-counting in the middle of the night — you just need some time to get your sh*t and your story together, right?

And speaking of weird videos — nowhere has been riper for strange footage than Georgia.

This time the nutty behavior is reportedly coming out of Atlanta at a ballot-counting facility.

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Look what this ballot-counter does when he looks at something on his workspace that appears to really piss him off…he actually “flips off” the paper and then crumples it up.

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You can watch the video below:

The 2020 election was a sham.

There will never be anything that anyone can say or do that will convince me that Biden won the 2020 election.

He was probably the worst candidate I’ve ever seen and ran the worst campaign I’ve ever seen, with the least bit of support and excitement I’ve ever seen.


This was an epic steal, and the only way to make this right is to award the win to the man who actually won: Donald J. Trump.

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