[VIDEO] Tucker Carlson Calls Out Fox News For Their Fake Polling, Right to Their Faces During Election Night Coverage

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The fix is in, folks, and Fox News did their part.

Fox News was pushing bogus polls all along, showing Biden with a “blowout lead” and that was a bald-faced lie like we all knew it was.

But they took it a step further, by proving last night that they are “controlled opposition” when they called the Arizona race for Biden before the votes were all counted – it’s still in-play, by the way.


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Fox News was just doing their part to help legitimize the “Biden steal.”

Last night during the 2020 election coverage, mega-popular Fox News host Tucker Carlson, called out his colleagues live on the air and right to their smug faces.

Tucker took aim at the news industry in an epic rant that said what all of us patriotic Americans have been feeling about these propaganda pollsters for YEARS now.

These propaganda pollsters are the reason Biden was even considered a “serious” candidate – the man has full-blown Alzheimer’s, for crying out loud.

Fox News went all-in for Biden, yet so many conservatives still think they’re “fair and balanced.”

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Tucker put it best when he said, “media pollsters should be fired immediately.”

He’s right – and he’s one of only a small handful of reasons to watch Fox News.

You can watch the video below:

Now, I’d like to say a few quick words about last night’s election…

I know this is tough to deal with and it feels really disheartening, and difficult right now, but you can’t give up.

This is when we need to fight the hardest.

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What we’re dealing with now is a CIA-style psyop, and they – the media (yes, Fox included) Dems, election officials, and even parts of the GOP will work overtime to convince you that everything is lost and Biden is the true victor.

I am here to tell you that it’s not lost, and Biden did not win.

Tune that out, and keep fighting.

What can you do to fight?

Share information, crush their narrative, call out the steal, and don’t sit around like lumps on a log feeling sad and defeated.

Fight for Trump, your country, and your family by letting your voice be heard.

It will get darker before the dawn. Hold the line and we will win.

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