[VIDEO] Trump Supporter Ambushes Biden During “Rally” Asks Him Questions Our Media Won’t, And Joe Was Left Stunned

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This video I just ran across is from December 2019, but it’s SO much more relevant right now.

I couldn’t wait to share it with you.


First off, this was during the Dem primary, and even back then, before “COVID” Joe couldn’t draw a decent crowd.

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The scene unfolded in San Antonio, Texas, where Joe was rambling on about Trump, and all of a sudden a Trump supporter ambushed him and actually asked him the questions that our media won’t.

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And this was from nearly a year ago — and look how much more we know today, and how much more evidence we have of wrongdoing, and still our communist media is silent.


You can watch the video below:

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[embedded content]

The amazing thing about this whole China/Hunter scandal is that it has broken through to the American public, and it just goes to prove how insignificant the fake news media truly is and how powerful “alternative media” is.

Folks, we don’t need them. They’re just China-style propaganda, and they’re totally pointless to the American people now that we see them for exactly who they are.

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