[VIDEO] Trump Spox Ambushes Fox News Interview, Explains Why Their Polls Are Garbage…Right to Their Very Shocked Faces

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Fox News didn’t see this one coming.

I will tell you this much, Tim Murtaugh, who is a Trump spokesperson is a straight-shooter, and he just nails people left and right.


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He recently destroyed Chris Cuomo on his own CNN show when he held up an embarrassing photo of Chris with a goofy giant Q-tip after Chris suggested Trump wasn’t taking COVID “seriously enough.” Remember when Chris and his brother who “murdered” thousands of elderly people in nursing homes had a make-shift “COVID Vaudville act” on CNN?

That was disturbing and disgusting beyond belief.

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So, Murtaugh has a reputation for calmly and very cooly lasting the hell out of people.

And Harris Faulkner was his next target – although, to be fair, he does start out by saying that he likes her, but then launches into why Fox News’ polls are utter garbage.

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Also, a very big point here is how Murdough explains that Biden has “missed his mark” in terms of early voting numbers.

You can watch the video below:

We need to make sure that we don’t sit this one out. We need every single Trump supporter to vote. There can be no excuses and no exceptions. This is the time that we need YOU to do the right thing and cast a vote to save your family and your country.

Don’t think for one second that your “one vote” won’t matter in the grand scheme of things…because it will. This time, it really, really will matter.

So, please…get ready and go vote, and make sure that all your friends and family who support Trump are ready to go vote as well.

If we stick together and we vote, we win so big, it’ll blow everyone away.

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