[VIDEO] This Twitter User Found a Clever Way to Shame Tom Cruise For His Nasty “COVID Rant”

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Twitter may be a terrible cesspool of censorship and leftist garbage, but on occasion, something amazing is born from the ashes of trash, and this is one of those times.


Let me set it up for you…

By now you’re likely aware of the nasty elitist rant Tom Cruise unleashed on his “Mission Impossible” staff who he said were not “social distancing” enough.

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It was a wild and unhinged rant from yet another filthy-rich elite berating the “little guy” over a virus with a 99.8+ survival rate.

People have quite literally lost their damn minds.

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In case you haven’t heard the rant, here it is:


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Well, a very clever Twitter user found a perfect way to shame Tom Cruise – and it’s not only perfect, but it’s also downright hilarious. I think I’ve already watched it like times now. It’s fantastic.

Take a look:

Let’s be clear, Tom Cruise isn’t worried about “safety.”

Tom Cruise is worried about his production company losing money and his rich and pampered lifestyle going away…and he certainly won’t allow a few disobedient peasants to get in his way.

And if they do…he will “destroy” them and ruin their lives.

You either stand 6-feet apart, or Tom will take away your livelihood.

What a guy, right?

Why n0t just use that vengeful energy and test everyone daily, Tom?


Who would ever pay to watch a movie starring this little tyrant?

I hope his movie flops.

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