[VIDEO] Ted Cruz Just Did Something No Other GOPer Has Done…He Stepped Into the “Election Ring” For Battle

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There are not many GOPers who are even talking about the fraud that took place in this election, so when I find one who is, it’s pretty big news.


Now, I am not saying Ted Cruz has done the best job of speaking out on this steal, but compared to the others, he looks like a warrior.

At least he’s engaged and applying pressure – that’s gotta count for something, right?

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And he’s willing to get his hands dirty…

Cruz just announced that if the SCOTUS takes up the PA case, he will deliver the oral arguments.

As you may already know, Ted Cruz has argued before the SCOTUS nine times when he was solicitor general…and he won 5 of those cases.

Ted is a Harvard Law grad, so he knows his stuff.

As a reminder: this is the case brought forth by congressional candidate Sean Parnell and Rep Mike Kelly of PA.

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They’re seeking to throw out the mail-in ballots in the 2020  election, calling them “unconstitutional.”

Cruz has urged the SCOTUS to take up the case.

You can watch the video below:

Look, I understand that this feels really disheartening and cruddy at times, but these are the moments when we must fight hardest.

The media, led by the turncoats over at Fox News are trying to “install” a fake president, and they’re running a lot of propaganda to help make that happen.

It’s our job to block that out and keep pushing.


No matter how this turns out, we can’t give up or give in.

So, dig in your heels, and keep battling.

Never submit or surrender.

It might get darker before the dawn, but the dawn will come…it always does.

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