[VIDEO] Prepare to Be Blown Away…Biden’s “Rally” Entrance vs Trump’s….The Polls Are Wrong

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All I can say, is the polls are wrong.

One side has all the enthusiasm, and the other side has nothing…and this “we’re holding small rallies because of COVID” excuse Dems are offering is BS.

If people were actually excited about Biden, nothing could hold them back. They’d throw on 6 masks and head out. Or at the very least, they’d pile in their cars and cause massive traffic jams for miles just to be a part of one of his “drive-in” rallies.

And if they wouldn’t do that, they’d at least hold massive (perfectly COVID-safe) car and boat rallies for Biden.

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But they’re not.

NONE of that is happening, and it’s not because of “COVID,” it’s because nobody is EXCITED about a corrupt man who is one sneeze away from Alzheimer’s and has a son who is a raging junkie and national security threat.

And that’s what the Dems are banking on…they’ve put all their money on COVID, and are hoping the American people will vote for more lockdowns, mask mandates, and closed businesses.

That’s not going to happen.

And the scene at the campaign rallies proves it.

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Look a Trump’s recent rally entrance versus Biden’s.

Optics matter.

You can watch the video below:

The media and the Dems and the pollsters want you to think Biden has it in the bag, and that Trump is done, but your own eyes and ears tell you something totally different.

So, who do you listen to? What you see and hear, or the stuff people who’ve shamelessly lied to you for 4 years say? Trust me, folks, they didn’t decide to start telling the truth now.

Source: Wayne Dupree

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