[VIDEO] Joe Biden just Made Another Massive Blunder, Will “Fact-Checkers” Bail Him Out Again?

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The other day Americans watched as Joe Biden confused Trump with “George” – most people logically assumed he confused him with George W. Bush – something elderly and confused Nancy Pelosi has also done quite often.

But the fact-checkers corrected all of us and said that he was actually “speaking to” or “speaking about” (I’m not sure which it is) unfunny anti-Trump comedian George Lopez.

Watch for yourself:


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Not sure why then, why his wife can be seen mouthing Trump’s name at him under her breath – twice, but okay…

We’re not allowed to believe our own eyes and ears. Just shut up and listen to the fact-checkers, they know what’s best, right? 🙄

So, how will fact-checkers handle this latest Biden blunder?

During another one of his “internet basement chats,” Biden called Kamala’s husband her WIFE.

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Sorry, but that’s not normal. All of these blunders are not normal, no matter what you’re told.

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You can watch the video below:

Will the fact-checkers swoop in and tell us that Biden actually meant to say that “George Lopez” is Kamala’s wife, and that somehow makes all of this okay?

It’s gotten that ridiculous and absurd, so don’t be surprised if they do.

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