[VIDEO] Imagine How Nervous Dems and GOP Are Right Now Looking At This Huge MAGA Crowd in GA

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I am convinced that the left and right worked together to try and oust President Trump.


Let’s face it, the Dems couldn’t pull off any type of massive cheat without the help of the GOP, DOJ, and Fox News.

I believe they had the help and support of all three.

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Regardless, President Trump is a man of honor and a team player, and he’s still going to GA to fight for these vultures so they can keep the Senate.

But you have to imagine, that the Dems and GOP are looking at these massive crowds already gathering for Trump and thinking “nothing on earth can stop this man.”

And they’re right…

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You can watch the video below:

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The left and the media are expecting the American people to believe a lot of very strange stuff.

They expect us to believe that an unpopular and uninspiring establishment Buffon, who couldn’t string a sentence together and couldn’t get more than 50 people to a “rally,” won 15 million more votes than Barack Obama. They also expect us to believe that the horde of whistleblowers coming forward to share their stories are all liars. They also expect us to believe that mass mail-in ballots are perfectly normal – nothing to see here – and that it’s all fine and dandy that cities just stopped counting votes for hours when Trump was ahead, and then magically found zillions of ballots for Dementia Joe.


This is a lot of hooey that the left is asking America to swallow, and it’s just not working. Nobody believes this nonsense.

The only way Biden could have won was by cheating, and we know it, they know it, and the world knows it.

Why else do you think the media isn’t talking about Biden’s amazing “historic win?”  He should be the most loved and celebrated man in the world, right?

They can’t talk about it because they know it’s not real, and can’t back up those numbers or explain the “anomalies.”

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