[VIDEO] General Flynn’s Interesting Take on William Barr May Put Things in Perspective For You

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I am not happy with William Barr, and I know a lot of you out there agree, and a lot disagree.


For me, I feel as if he led us on and played us like a pair of bagpipes. My main sticking point is that a few months before the election, Barr vowed that we’d see “significant” movement and updates in the Durham probe before November 3rd.

And that was the last we heard about it…there was never any “significant” updates or movement.

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Meanwhile, he made Durham a “special counsel,” and that ended up tying Trump’s hands if he wanted to go “scorched earth” and release the info for the American people to see.

And then he made that controversial comment about no 2020 election fraud, which may or may not have been taken out of context…doesn’t matter, the damage was already done.

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Also, he picked John Durham to run this investigation – the slowest moving thing since Heinz Ketchup.

But general Flynn has a different take – and obviously, he knows more about this stuff than I do.

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He isn’t angry at Barr over SpyGate, he’s angry at Durham.

Flynn says Barr was handicapped by a swampy DOJ, but the case was “laid out in spades” for Durham well before he got it by members of Congress.

Here’s what Flynn said:

Americans are “sick and tired of waiting” for answers from U.S. Attorney John Durham and the Senate Judiciary Committee. “How this whole system has operated from really day one, I’m a little bit disappointed.”

Flynn said he would give Attorney General William Barr a “lot of room” over the probe because Barr has had to deal with a “swampy Department of Justice,” but the rest of the case has been “laid out in spades” by some members of Congress

“People just want to make sure that our government is also taking care of itself in terms of accountability,” said Flynn. “That’s not the case, and the Durham situation is just a big part of that right now.”

“What this country is going to demand and demands right now and we haven’t seen it out of the justice system, we certainly haven’t seen it out of the judiciary, is accountability for one’s actions. The American people, they’re not going to stand for it…through my case, we have exposed an underbelly of Washington, D.C., that is grotesque.”

“Feel sorry for the president, feel sorry for the presidency of this country and be outraged (about) what they tried to do to this country,” said Flynn about his conviction and the Russia probe. “This was about going after a president who won an election and by all rights they figured oh, no way is he going to win.”

You can watch the video below:

[embedded content]

Did Durham take this on willing to get down to the nitty-gritty, and then someone came along and “changed his mind” if you know what I mean?

And if that’s the case, why couldn’t Barr remove and replace him? Was she somehow compromised too?


I don’t know if we’ll ever know the truth.

I will tell you this much, there is nothing more disheartening than not seeing justice…that’s how I feel about this election as well…but I pray we see justice, and I’ll never stop fighting for it.

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