Two Side By Side Photos of Trump and Obama With Pope Francis Tell The Whole Story…

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There are times when you see two photos side by side and they tell a story so true that it makes you just shake your head in disgust.


This is one of those times.

Pope Francis’ nickname of “Obama’s Pope” is really quite perfect for him. Rumor has it he was hand-picked by Obama, who was on a quest to infiltrate the Catholic Chuch, and who saw Francis as a way in which to do that.

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So, out went the very traditional and conservative Pope Benedict, and in came the very progressive Pope Francis.

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And since the “Pope Swap” happened, Francis has been doing his best to turn the Catholic Church into a progressive political wasteland.

Of course, the Pope and his minions will try and tell you that he isn’t political, but I think his actions say otherwise.

So, when I happened upon these side-by-side photos of Trump and Obama with Pope Francis online, I wanted to share it with you, because I think it does a really good job of capturing what this Pope is all about.

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Here are the photos that are in the tweet:

I am sure we could find a picture of Pope Francis cracking some kind of smile with Trump (maybe?) but this isn’t really about that – this is more about how a couple of images can so perfectly capture many, many years of decisions, statements, and politicization in just a couple of frozen moments.


It’s really amazing how many institutions Obama weaponized, isn’t it? Catholic Church, Intel, IRS, and Military, and probably more…

When people say he doesn’t have a “legacy,” they’re wrong. He’s done decades worth of damage to our causes…and in my opinion, this picture represents that.

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