Twitter Sleuth Claims to Connect Very Disturbing Dots Between 12 Celebrity Suicides

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This is definitely a Twitter thread that’s worth the read.

According to the author of this thread, there’s a disturbing connection between 12 of these different celebrity suicides.


This Twitter user claims all of them died from hanging and he goes onto claim that a good many of them had a curious connection to children’s sexual abuse.

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Michael Hutchence
Frontman – INXS

Found hung on a doorknob

Had info on VIP Pedo Ring in the UK connected to convicted child rapist Jimmy Saville & high ranking politicians.

David Carradine

Found hung on a doorknob

He was in Bangkok, Thailand. A hot spot for child sex tourism. They said it was accidental autoerotic asphyxiation.

Alexander McQueen

Found hung on a doorknob

His Atty thought there was foul play. The police said the note he left was not suspicious, but they did not confirm his death a suicide.

Here is slme of his “work”.

Aaron Swartz
Reddit Co-Founder

Found hung on a doorknob

According former CIA agent, Robert Steele, he hacked into MIT computers and found a huge stash of child porn shortly before his death. He also advocated for Freedom of Speech on the internet.

L’Wren Scott

Found hung on a doorknob

Long time girlfriend of Mick Jagger. Former Girlfriend of Nate Rothschild. I can only imagine what she knew.

Robin Williams

Found hung on a doorknob.

With as long as he was in Hollyweird Im sure he knew a lot. Robin had battled cocaine addiction in his past. But only had therapeutic levels of his prescription in his system.

Chris Cornell
Singer – Sound Garden

Found hung on a doorknob.

Video showed no one going in or out of the room after his bodyguard left at 11:45pm. His wife says she spoke to him at 11:35pm and was alarmed by his condition and immediatly called his bodyguard for a well check…

Chester Bennington
Linkin Park

Found hung on a doorknob

The bands logo is a broken version of the triangle used in pedo networks. He believed himself to be a victim of child abuse. Him and Chris Cornell, his best friend, started an organization to help at risk youth.

Anthony Bourdain
World Travelling Chef

Found hung on a doorknob.

He was at the height of his career and by all acounts happy. Just prior he was ranting on twitter about one HRC.

AVICII aka Tim Bergling
Swedish DJ

Details not released. Just “self inflicted injury to the neck”.

He was working to expose an elite pedo ring. Here’s his video “For A Better Day”, on child sex trafficking.

Kate Spade

Found hung on a doorknob.

The way her husband showed up in public 2 days later kind of says it all and actually helps my theory. Stay with me…. almost done.

Ines Zorreguieta
Queen Maxima’s Sister

Found hung on a doorknob.

Queen Maxima stepped doen after allegations that she was involved in “hunts” where children were being rapped and murdered by her dinner guests.

The Dutch have a rich history of sort of thing. Im sure she knew.


Make sure you check out the full thread to see an even more detailed breakdown of the comparisons.

This definitely took a lot of time to put together and it definitely shows.

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