Trump Supporters Lose Patience With Democrats And Media

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The demonic threesome of Democrats, Deep State, and mainstream media has been attacking President Trump and Trump supporters since he was elected. At this very moment, Democrats and media are viciously claiming that Trump is killing thousands because he didn’t do enough to stop the Chinese Coronavirus. Of course, within days they’ll transition to saying Trump did too much and wrecked the economy.

They began their perpetual attacks by accusing Trump of colluding with Russia to steal the election from Hillary Clinton. We were told that Trump was a Russian agent every day for two years. He was in league with Putin. None of them ever explained how Russia could steal an election. And you were clearly in cahoots with Putin if you suggested otherwise.

Special Counsel Witch Hunt

None of the Russia nonsense was true, but the left got what they wanted, the appointment of a special counsel to investigate Trump. The special counsel investigation had three very important goals. Keep Trump from enacting his agenda, provide cover for the massive corruption that took place during the Obama administration, and damage Trump and the Republicans so Democrats could win the 2018 midterm congressional election.

The special counsel investigation kept Trump on defense for two years. Efforts to enact his agenda were severely hindered. Perhaps more importantly, the Trump administration was effectively barred from discovering the collective malfeasance that took place during the previous eight years. Trump played defense for the two-year Mueller investigation. For two years the media regularly declared that the walls were closing in on Trump.

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The special counsel investigation continued until well past the 2018 midterms. Democrats used it as a bludgeon and won enough congressional races to retake control of the House of Representatives. The day after the 2018 election, Democrats began enacting their plan to impeach President Trump. Trump had committed no crime, but that didn’t matter to the Democrats. Hating President Trump had become sufficient reason to impeach, they’d find a reason later.

During the two-year investigation, the Mueller team spent $40 million and issued more than 2,800 subpoenas. They executed 500 search warrants and interviewed approximately 500 witnesses. When complete, the special counsel investigation proved that Trump was innocent. He had never had anything to do with Russia.

Defending Yourself Becomes Obstruction Of Justice

Common decency would dictate that the Democrats and media apologize to Trump for being so wrong. They have no decency. Instead, they moved the goal post and claimed Trump had obstructed justice. Calling it a witch hunt or declaring it a hoax was an attempt to interfere with the investigation and was, therefore, obstruction of justice.

Democrats and the media twisted themselves into contortions to explain that Trump’s refusal to let them frame him was itself a crime. The media and the Democrats looked just like the witch trial from Monty Python and the Holy Grail.

The dishonest Mueller team fanned the flames. They claimed they couldn’t exonerate Trump for obstructing justice. The outrageous explanation was that they couldn’t prove he didn’t do it. That flies in the face of the foundation of American justice. You are innocent until proven guilty.  It was all a hoax and the American people knew it. And Trump’s poll numbers went up.

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Democrats Move To Impeach President Trump

The attacks by the media’s flying monkey brigade and the Democrats didn’t stop. There were breathless declarations that the walls were closing in on Trump and his supporters almost every day. Then, nine months after retaking the House in the 2018 midterms, Democrats went for the gold. As promised, they initiated impeachment proceedings against the President. They were fulfilling their promise, so it came as no surprise. What was a surprise was that there was no crime or impeachable offense.

Deep State Bureaucrat Enables Fake Whistleblower

With no crime to work with, the Democrats ginned up charges that were leveled by an anonymous Deep State whistleblower. We weren’t allowed to know what he said. We weren’t allowed to know who he was. He had no first-hand knowledge of the accusations he made and never testified. The dishonest media helped the cause by preventing his name from being spoken on air. They even said it was a crime to disclose his name.

It was absolute lunacy. The Democrats turned a Deep State shill into an anonymous hero of the republic who had to be protected. The fake whistleblower hooked up with the most dishonest Congressman in history, Adam Schiff, and they mapped their course of action against Trump.

Deep State bureaucrat Michael Atkinson. the Intelligence Community Inspector General (ICIG) enabled the whole sham. Atkinson changed the requirements for whistleblowers eliminating the requirement that they had to have actual first-hand knowledge in order to blow the whistle. There was no such requirement in the new, watered-down, get Trump whistleblower rules. Anyone could be a whistleblower and claim anything, and no one could ever know who he was or ever speak his name.

The whistleblower had no first-hand knowledge of the claim he made. In American jurisprudence, this is called hearsay, which is inadmissible. Thus his claim was invalid. But the Democrats were committed and Atkinson provided cover. The traitorous bastard changed the whistleblower rules retroactively to make the invalid claim valid.

Impeachment Without A Crime

Despite the fake whistleblower’s fake claim, the Democrats still had no crime or impeachable offense. Schiff explained that Trump had done the unthinkable. He had spoken on the phone with the new president of Ukraine and didn’t follow the Deep State script for the phone call. Trump conducted an unscripted phone call. In the call, Trump asked the Ukrainian President to cooperate with a corruption investigation.

The Democrats alleged that Trump asked the Ukrainian President to interfere in the 2020 Presidential election on Trump’s behalf. They even claimed that Trump had bribed and extorted the Ukrainian President to induce his cooperation. However, Trump publicly released the transcript of the telephone call, and it did nothing that the Democrats claimed. But Trump was uncomfortably close to exposing the corruption of Joe Biden, Hunter Biden, and the Obama Administration.

Trump Supporters Disgusted By Democrat Impeachment

To Trump supporters, it was a pretty flimsy narrative on which to base the impeachment. No matter how many times or how many dishonest ways Schiff and Nadler tried to make what Trump did sound criminal, it wasn’t. And, when everything Trump does is an impeachable offense, it is beyond the pale.

Just like the Russia collusion hoax, five months of impeachment investigations, congressional hearings, and renewed media attacks produced no evidence that Trump had done anything wrong. That didn’t matter to the Democrats, and they impeached him anyway. They had promised their constituents an impeachment and they couldn’t back down. The Democrats even declared that it wasn’t necessary for Trump to have committed a crime, they could impeach him anyway.  Once again it was all a hoax, and once again Trump’s poll numbers went up.

Constant Attacks Against Trump And Trump Supporters

The attacks against Trump and Trump supporters by the Democrats and their media sycophants aren’t always big tickets like special counsel investigations or impeachments. There have been hundreds of smaller-scale attacks on the President and his supporters. Many seemingly occur daily. Hardly a day passes without Don Lemon, the dumbest man on television, or the eunuch at CNN somehow attacking Trump and Trump supporters. CNN and MSNBC encourage their viewers to condemn Trump supporters every day.

The truth of the matter is that the Democrats, the Deep State, and the leftist media know they can’t beat Trump at the ballot box. As a result, they are waging a constant dirty political war against Trump and Trump supporters to remove him from office by any means necessary.

Separating Trump From Trump Supporters

Removing Trump from office is the primary goal of every scorched earth political attack, but not the only goal. The Democrats and the leftist media have been aggressively working to separate Trump supporters from Trump since the day he was elected. They desperately want to get Trump’s supporters to abandon him.

Their effort in this endeavor has failed miserably. Separating Trump supporters from Trump is tantamount to tilting at windmills. With three years of constant attacks and 95 percent negative media coverage, the flying monkey brigade of the mainstream media has never found one former Trump supporter. Not one.

Former Trump supporters are mythical creatures. Like unicorns, former Trump supporters don’t exist in the real world. The left is absolutely certain that Trump supporters must be abandoning the President by the millions. But they live in an echo chamber with no connection to the people in flyover country. Remember the New Yorker magazine writer who, on the day after Nixon won 49 states crushing McGovern in 1972, said “I don’t know how Nixon won. I don’t know anyone who voted for him”.

Trump Supporters Become Deplorable

On September 9, 2016, Hillary Clinton made the biggest unforced error of the 2016 Presidential campaign. She let the cat out of the bag and let it be known that the left didn’t just hate Trump, they hated Trump supporters as well. Hillary Clinton made clear that “You could put half of Trump’s supporters into what I call the basket of deplorables. Right? The racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, Islamaphobic — you name it.”

Before the weekend was over there were 65 million proud deplorables. That statement, at that very moment, cemented the relationship between Donald Trump and his supporters for all time. It is a bond that will not be broken. And rather than separate Trump from his supporters, the ridiculous attacks by the left just serve to create more Trump supporters.

Birth And Growth Of Trump Supporters

Well before Hillary incited the Deplorables, the relationship between Trump and his supporters was not a fragile one. Before the first Trump rally in 2016 in Alabama, word spread that the college basketball arena couldn’t accommodate the crowd. Trump instinctively changed the venue to an outdoor college football stadium. It takes an awful lot of people to fill a football stadium. And an empty stadium would have been devastating to the fledgling campaign. This was an incredibly risky move that no politician would have made. But Trump wasn’t a politician.

Trump’s instincts were correct. Supporters came by the thousands and the stadium was full. There were no professional signs, banners or placards, but that didn’t matter to the Trump supporters. They made their own signs, banners, and placards. They waved them proudly. The crowd loved Trump because he was the opposite of the coifed politician speaking poll-tested, politically correct nonsense at a choreographed event scripted by expensive consultants.

Trump Supporters Must Carry Trump Across Finish Line

Some came from as far as four states away. Some arrived more than a day in advance. And, when Trump’s 757 did a low flyover of the stadium as he arrived, some wept. The evening news interviewed the first man in line. He told the reporter that he had driven from four states away and arrived 24 hours early. The reporter, not understanding the phenomenon, asked the man why he would do such a thing. The man stated confidently that Trump was a movement, and we needed Trump to save America.

Commitment Of Trump Supporters Deepens

I worked for the Supervisor of Elections at a polling place for the Florida Presidential Primary in mid-March 2016. Late in the afternoon, a gentleman who was 80 years old came in to vote. After standing in a long line, filling out his ballot and feeding it into the counter, he paused while walking away. He looked very weak, so I hurried over to ask if he needed help. I helped him to a chair outside the polling place and got him some water.

He shortly told me that he had to hurry back to the hospital. He had left his bride of 60 years alone in the hospital. When I asked why he had left her, he said she was too ill to come, but he had to come vote. His eyes teared up as he said that Trump was our last chance to save this country, and nothing was going to keep him from voting. Now four years later, I know that every Trump supporter feels the same way.

Democrats Politicize Coronavirus  Impeachment

The Democrats and the media don’t seem to mind playing Wylie Coyote to Trump’s Roadrunner. Like Wylie Coyote the Democrats and the media don’t learn from their mistakes, but the coronavirus pandemic is just too good a crisis to let go to waste.

Just like the last impeachment hoax, Adam Schiff is leading the left into the breach. This time the Democrats are going after President Trump for what they claim is incompetence in handling the Chinese Coronavirus pandemic. The Democrats are once again willing to impeach Trump without the necessity of him committing a  crime or impeachable offense. Each time the Democrats and the fake news have mounted a new offensive against Trump it has become increasingly obvious that they are dishonest, acting in bad faith and are seen by the American people to be horribly unfair.

This latest attempt to get Trump will be seen as incredibly bad faith and America will be pissed off at them for using a pandemic for political chicanery. Everyone in America has seen the job Trump has done to guide the country through a modern plague. They’ve seen him answer questions for two hours every day and they know he is working his ass off to keep America safe.

Americans are also seeing and taking note of how dishonest the Democrats are being about their newest false claims against Trump. Once again, it is a hoax, and once again, Trump’s poll numbers will go up.

Deplorables Are Approaching Tipping Point

The left has waged war on Trump and his supporters for more than three years and Trump supporters are losing patience. The Democrats, media and deep state may be institutionally capable of lying to themselves, but Trump supporters aren’t buying their delusions. Trump supporters and the American people are laughing at the Democrats and the media, and are becoming increasingly angry at them.

I read an article yesterday on what has become my favorite conservative news site, American Greatness, which is the successor – in at least spirit – to the Journal of American Greatness or JAG. During the 2016 Presidential Election, JAG attracted a great deal of attention, mostly critical, but it is a spectacular site, nonetheless. In reviewing the comments on the article I discovered a comment written by a reader identified as Molonlabe.

I love the reader’s name. Molon Labe, of course, means come and take it. The phrase has been used historically in a military context by the side that is presumably at a disadvantage, telling the side that presumably has the advantage, that they should rethink their position. If you think you can get away with what you’re contemplating, take your best shot and come and take it. But do so at your own peril. In this case, the comment by this reader read:

“There are many of us oath keepers, veterans, and patriots who are tired of being pushed around, lied to, abused, called racist or deplorable. Tired of the fruit of our labor being stolen and given away to illegals, gimmedats, and foreign nations. All while our streets and infrastructure fall to dust. All while our own children are put to death and it’s celebrated by the left.

We are absolutely fed up with you trashing our Constitution and destroying our Republic, all while trying to silence us and take our rights. When the American yellow jackets start to sting it will be swift and deadly. There will be no quarter given and no place to hide for the skinny jeans wearing, douche knot, man bun, soy boy, ANTIFA freaks or the communists that fund and lead them.

We are legion, we are deliberate, we are patient, we are efficient, and we are experienced in violence to our enemies. It appears clearly every day the socialists are pushing us to civil war or for an outright takeover of our government. It is also clear our President sees this as well and is going to do something about it. “

Deplorables Are Being Pushed Too Far

I am increasingly noticing article comments by ordinary, non-violent, never-been-very-engaged people who are commenting about being pushed too far by the left. People who are growing ever closer to pushing back.

“This outrages me, to the very core of my as-yet-un-fossilized bones, and so I keep asking on these boards: When exactly does it become legal for the people – the citizens — to use force to defend their country from these clear and present dangerous traitors and enemies so deeply embedded within? I would like somebody to give me and 63 million of my friends the word. We are ready.”

Perhaps the leftists who have attacked, condemned, poked, prodded and pushed Trump supporters with impunity for the last three years should consider dialing it back. You won’t get a free pass for much longer, and the pushback may well be much more than you can handle. While a new civil war would certainly be bad for the country, it would certainly be much harder on the left.


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