Trump Supporters Gather at “The Alamo” to Protest COVID Curfews, Dare Mayor to Follow Through With His Threats

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Seems like everywhere we turn there’s a new battle Trump supporters are having to fight…and it’s all thanks to these out-of-control globalist elites, who are using anything and everything to flex their progressive muscles and stomp down us lowly peasants.


The latest is installing “COVID curfews.” An idiotic idea that somehow suggests that after a certain “time of the day” COVID gets really serious or something.

It’s nonsense and just another power-grab.

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So, it seemed very fitting and somewhat heroic that Trump supporters in Texas decided to gather at “The Alamo” to protest these lockdown orders.

From Fox 29

The curfew specifically bans social gatherings, even in resident’s backyards but still allows for curbside delivery and excuses essential work.

News of the curfew has seen mixed reactions from the general public but overnight Friday, several residents waving flags in support for President Donald Trump gathered at the Alamo to challenge this city-wide curfew.

One demonstrator even called out Mayor Nirenberg directly on the microphone in front of a large audience.

“Mayor Nirenberg, it’s 11 p.m., we are outdoors doing a social gathering (this is illegal) I want you personally to come out here and fine me my $1,000, because guess what? I’m not even paying it anyway,” the unidentified man said.

We’re told residents started gathering around 11 p.m. and lasted until a little after midnight.

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You can watch the video below:

It would be one thing if the elites who are imposing these rules, actually followed them, but many don’t.

Seriously, a lot don’t…

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Look at massklesss Pelosi, getting her hair done like a pompous smug jerk, and Gavin Newsome whooping it up with the “rich and famous” at restaurants, with no mask, and no social distancing, while he’s shutting down local small businesses and restaurants. And then there’s the mayor of Denver, who urged his citizens not to travel on Thanksgiving, literally as he was getting onto an airplane.


And there are so many more stories we’ve all heard about these hypocrites not following their own orders.

People have had enough of the “Great COVID Reset” and they’re fighting back. And as soon as enough people do this, it’ll stop.

We actually hold all the power, when we ban together.

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