Trump Supporters Call Out GOP Politicians Who’ve Gone Completely Silent While Trump Fights Tooth and Nail 

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The entire GOP is oddly silent as President Trump fights tooth and nail for free and fair elections in the United States.

Claims of voter fraud are literally cropping up everywhere. There are so many videos, stories, and pictures out there, that I can hardly keep up.


And if even a small fraction of what we’re hearing is true, this country is in huge trouble. We’re basically a third-world banana republic, at this point.

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But curiously enough, the GOP politicians, most of whom only have their seat by the grace of God and help from Trump, are curiously silent.

They haven’t said a peep about what’s happening or the videos that are flooding social media.

They haven’t called for a DOJ investigation or expressed any concern whatsoever at the even the possibility of voter fraud.

That’s pretty odd coming from the party that is supposedly all about “fair elections,” right?

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We did this stupid, generic/canned response from the official GOP Senate Twitter account:

Here’s what they said: [email protected] has spent the last 4 years standing up for America. We’re standing beside him every step of the way.

Wow. Really “powerful” stuff, huh? 🙄 I can tell you, that people were not the least bit impressed:

“Uh, get your ass out there and stand beside him or be prepared to be primaried and blown the hell out.”

“That’s RIGHT @senatemajldr !!!% GETOFFYOURASS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

“Quit standing BEHIND right now and GET OUT FRONT”

“Prove it. How exactly are you standing up?”

“Yet you’re still out on #Recess. Yet you aren’t in PA, AZ, GA, WI, MI & NC raising hell. Get your ass in the field and at least witness the vote counting. You’re Senators for goodness sake. Act like it!”

Someone also called out Dan Crenshaw for his notable silence:

[email protected] I just went through your Twitter timeline and I want to know why you’re not shouting from the rooftops about this voter fraud, Sir? You’re not part of the coup are you?”

Here are some responses to Dan:

“Continued money will be contingent on this sir.”

“Well Dan? From a Katy voter here. I’m asking too!”

“Interesting how all these “Patriots” are silent leaving Trump to stand alone. They are part of it!”

“These Republicans Senators and Congressmen leverage Trump then go silent. Cowards.”

“The GOP that aren’t speaking out are complicit.”

“It has been unbelievable how none of them have said a word”

“Odd @LindseyGrahamSC & @ThomTillis appear silent as well”

I went and checked Lindsey Graham’s Twitter timeline and he is also silent on this matter.

I urge every single one of you reading this to reach out to your GOP reps and senators and DEMAND that they not only speak out on social media for President Trump, but that they get out in the media and speak out, and show up at these polling places as a sign of solidarity.

Anyone who doesn’t do this is part of the coup against the American people.

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