TRUMP IS BACK! Gab CEO Pulls Off The Impossible For Trump

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If you miss seeing President Trump on Twitter – now he’s back and no one can censor him anymore.

It has been a scary week – with America facing what may possibly be the most egregious attack on free speech in the history of our country.

Gab CEO, Andrew Torba, had something to say about it.

Torba has been fighting this battle for several years now. After being completely deplatformed – he has found a way to survive without the big tech companies.

The same big tech companies that completely banned him from their services – from his hosting, his servers, his payment processing and even VISA debanked him – Torba and Gab are now the safe-haven for those who also value the first amendment.

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In an amazing move – Torba and the people at Gab have resurrected President Trump’s twitter account.

He hasn’t posted on Gab yet – so you still have a chance to see the first post.

Check out his newly reestablished account here.

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