The Woman in Charge of Certifying the Arizona Election Called Trump Supporters “Neo-Nazis” in 2017

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Thanks to President Trump, the left has shown their true radical and lunatic colors.

These people are not well and they’re not normal.


The biggest group to take a hit are the crazy “cat ladies” on the left. These unhappy and bitter women are emotional basket-cases and have allowed politics, fake news, and media propaganda to not only blacken their souls but also turn their brains into Malt-o-Meal.

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You see these unhinged women in the media, in the suburbs, and sadly in politics. Professionalism and a sense of “duty” have gone flying out the window, and now, these wine-soaked cat ladies are on an emotional downward spiral that is both hysterical and nonsensical.

These weak-minded, entitled, control-freak women can’t process defeat or understand how people can’t be on board with their radical causes, so instead of adjusting their own off-putting and twisted behavior, they lash out like hyper-hormonal banshees.

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That’s the exact description of the behavior of Arizona’s Secretary of State Katie Hopkins…she’s just another insecure, confused, and emotionally unwell harpy who frequently travels to the very edge of sanity in order to express her point of view.

This is the woman, who, back in 2017, called Trump supporters “Neo-Nazis,” and claimed that Trump’s only interest was pandering to this group of Hitler lovers.

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Do these people know how stupid they sound? Probably not – most of them are unwell, undiagnosed mental patients.

And what’s really scary about all of this is that women like Katie are in charge of “certifying” elections.

Here’s what she said: “[email protected] has made it abundantly clear he’s more interested in pandering to his neo-nazi base than being @POTUS for all Americans.”

Literally the ramblings of a modern-day “working baglady.”

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One of President Trump’s lawyers chimed in. Ron Coleman said this about Hobbs tweet: “This is Arizona’s secretary of state. The one in charge of certifying the election. You read that right.”

In a sane world, this partisan loon would be removed from her post by the scruff of her neck.

But sadly, we’re not in a “sane world” at the moment. Progressives have taken “sanity” and pulverized it in a blender.

The best hope we have is of Trump proving his case in court – and we hope and pray that the judges who oversee these cases are not dancing on the edge of sanity as well – and also hope they’re not being blackmailed like John Roberts likely is.

Keep praying and keep fighting. This is far from over.

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