Ted Cruz Just Unleashed The Greatest and Most Hilarious Zinger on Eric Swalwell

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I saw this and figured you all needed a chuckle today, so I wanted to get it to you…


Oh my goodness, Ted Cruz is in rare, rare form, and feeling a little snarky today – and he took his mood out on that dopey traitorous China-loving congressman from California, Eric Swalwell.

As you likely know by now, it was revealed that Swalwell was duped (and funded) by a pretty Chinese spy, who he apparently dated for some time while he was on the House Intel Committee.

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Yesterday, a disgraced and humiliated Swalwell was removed from his committee post, and the story went mad-viral and has tarnished even more his already laughable reputation.

So, Ted Cruz figured he’d get a zinger in while the gettin’ was good – and boy, oh boy, did Ted knock it out of the park.

It’s short and sweet but packs a punch.

Here’s what Ted said: “More than once, I’ve said “screw the Chinese communists.” Little did I know how closely Swalwell was listening”

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Ha ha ha! We love it!

Leave it to Ted Cruz…he’s learned how to troll and fight these commies so well from POTUS.

And speaking of POTUS, he just asked Ted Cruz if he would present the oral argument to the US SCOTUS when the time comes.


Can’t think of anyone better on Trump’s side than Ted. He’s one of the few who have actually stepped up and spoken out for Trump.

He was a little late out of the gate, but he’s more than made up for it.

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