Storms Set to Bring Wet, Snowy End to 2020

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Storms are expected bring a wet and snowy end to 2020 from the Rockies to eastern seaboard, with as much as two feet of snow expected in the central Rockies, as much eight inches in the midwest, and snow, ice, and rain in the northeast.

The precipitation will be driven by two different systems, one that was to come ashore in Southern California on Monday and work its way northeast, named Winter Storm Ivy by The Weather Channel, and another that will get organized along the western Gulf Coast and parallel the same course into the mid-Atlantic states.

Ivy will begin to drop snow in higher elevations in California and then push snow into the Four Corners region followed by the central and northern plains. The heaviest snow, as much as two feet, could be dumped as Ivy emerges from the Rockies.

Snow could be as widespread as Iowa and Nebraska to Minnesota with accumulations of four to six inches and as much as eight inches.

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Coinciding with that, rain was to begin in the southern plains Monday and by Tuesday evening the leading edge of the system was to reach the Great Lake region, with rain and freezing rain in the central plains and Middle Mississippi Valley, Fox News reported.

The heaviest precipitation from the second system was likely to be felt New Year’s Eve in the South, East, and parts of the Midwest.

Snow and/or ice could develop when this storm’s moisture from the Gulf of Mexico overlaps with colder air in the Midwest and Great Lakes.


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