Sen Cornyn Crushed for Posting Pic of His $125 Dollar Steak After Refusing to Support $2K Relief 

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We have the worst elected officials on the planet.


We’ve elected and created a group of insufferable millionaires who make the court of Versailles look like a bunch of humble peasants.

From Gavin “French Laundry” Newsom to Pelosi and her million-dollar ice cream we’re surrounded by smug, heartless elites who are only looking out for themselves.

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And it’s no better on the right side of the aisle…this is a uni-party of privileged smug elites with both D’s and R’s next to their names.

As you likely know by now, President Trump’s efforts to get every American $2k was thwarted by McConnell and other filthy rich Republicans like John Cornyn.

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Now, you can argue that the National Debt is out of control, and these $2K payments would have just made it worse or turned us into “government-dependent” zombies, and while I do see your point, I’d argue back that you’re wrong on this one.

First off, we can lower the debt by not sending so much money to Pakistan so they can study 67 genders, and one $2k check is not going to make most of us “dependent” on the government – these extended lockdowns will, which are no fault of the American people, who deserve at least 2K for their troubles thus far.

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It’s literally the least the government can do. The very, very least…and they couldn’t even do that much.

And as I mentioned above, Senator John Cornyn did not support the $2k payments to Americans.

Texas Sen. John Cornyn, a Republican, on Tuesday told reporters that he wasn’t supportive of the stand-alone House-passed bill to increase the payment’s size, according to Politico.

But he does support pricey $125 dollar cuts of steak for himself and his family, and he made sure to post a pic of his big, juicy steak at a time when some Americans don’t know where they’ll get their next meal.

Many Americans can’t even afford goceries.

Here’s what John said about his swanky tenderloin: “Great tenderloin dinner from ⁦@PeriniRanch. Highly recommend.”

As you can imagine, John was pummeled for his elitist and tone-deaf post.

Here are some of those comments:

“Give us our $2,000”

“This… This is what he’s recommending? $125 – I know people who don’t spend that in a week on groceries and Senator not-a-clue is bragging on it after telling struggling Americans to take their peanuts and say thank you like good serfs”

“You people are truly fucking clowns with no clue how bad Americans are hurting right now!”

“Don’t let the starving people spoil your meal in any way. Post photos of the whole thing. I’m sure @PeriniRanch
is going to be thrilled to be associated with the cruelest, most obscene tweet ever.”

“And you can’t give $2,000 to hungry American families. You have absolutely no shame!”

“More tone deaf than Bob Dylan.”

“We can’t buy groceries John.”

“I can’t afford tenderloin, rib eye or even blade steak. What do you recommend for the poor and destitute hungry folks that have less then 5 bucks in their pockets? Cake?”

“John Cornyn’s way of saying, “Hey you out of work Texan scumbags in food lines, check out this expensive meat I’m gonna shove down my throat, Happy New Year Jerkoffs.”

“I’m sure your constituents standing in line at food banks are glad you had a nice dinner Senator.”

“Let them eat baloney”

“Oh, nice. Is that $2k worth, you elitist scumbag?”

And on and on the comments went from the left and the right.


It’s true, we’ve allowed the people who work from us too much power and now they’re ruling over us like some kind of makeshift monarchy.

We need to change that. Quickly.

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