SC’s Rep. Rice Sure to Face Primary Over Impeachment Vote

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Barely two weeks after he became one of 10 House Republicans to support impeachment of former President Donald Trump, South Carolina’s Rep. Tom Rice is considered a cinch to face a primary challenge in 2022.

“Because the 7th District is by far the most Trumpian of all districts in South Carolina, it would appear highly likely for someone to challenge [Rice] over his impeachment vote,” state Republican Chairman Drew McKissick recently told Newsmax.

McKissick noted that 59% of the 7th District went for Trump in 2020, compared to 55% of South Carolinians statewide who supported the former president last November.

At least two state legislators are reportedly eyeing a primary challenge to Rice next year. In addition, former Lieutenant Governor Andre Bauer, an old rival of Rice’s who lost the runoff to him in his initial bid for Congress in 2012, is said to be pondering a comeback attempt.

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With a lifetime American Conservative Union rating of 86.83%, five-termer Rice, 63, has been a fairly reliable Trump supporter. Until two days before the vote, Rice had told reporters he opposed impeachment. But he ended up voting for it, according to The Post and Courier, because he felt the president had done nothing to voice “contrition” for what he considered the violent events of Jan. 6.

John Gizzi is chief political columnist and White House correspondent for Newsmax. For more of his reports, Go Here Now.


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