Republican Strategist Alex Bruesewitz Just Gave President Trump The Most Brilliant Election Idea We’ve Heard Yet

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We’ve heard a lot of ideas and plans from online armchair “politicians” and so-called “judicial experts,” but when I saw this one, I literally said “YES!” out loud.

Now, this is something I think we can all get behind.


If you don’t know who Alex Bruesewitz is, he’s fantastic. He’s the CEO of a political consulting firm, and he’s as hardcore of a Trump supporter as you can find.

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I like to look at his Twitter account because he’s always got very interesting things to say, ad really good ideas, and I think this one here could be his best yet.

Alex has suggested (and he tagged President Trump in the tweet) that he appoint a special counsel to look into the sham 2020 election.

I think that’s a great idea.

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Here’s what he said:”Democrats spent 3 years and $47M investigating a completely phony @realDonaldTrump
/ Russian collusion conspiracy with NO evidence. There are mountains of evidence and irregularities of voter fraud. President should 100% appoint a special counsel to look into this great scam!”

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Let’s face it, we’re not getting anywhere with the parade of whistleblowers, technical abnormalities, and all-out absurdity of Biden’s so-called win…and the reason why is because the GOP, DOJ, Fox News, and judges are working overtime against us.


This was a CIA/all hands on deck/all-out coup against President Trump and we need to use every tool we can to fight back.

If President Trump appointed a TRUSTED special counsel to look into the election, we might at least have a fighting chance to finally get the truth out.

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