Randy Quaid Urges Trump to “Keep His Oath” and Refuse to Leave the White House

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I think I speak for most people when I say that there’s no way in hell that bumbling buffoon Joe Biden won this election.

Look, even if it was close, I wouldn’t have been convinced that Dementia Joe won, but this absurd “historic landslide” is just so laughable, that if I were a liberal, I’d seriously be embarrassed to even talk about it.


I don’t have to go through the litany of absurdities surrounding Drooling Joe and his train-wreck campaign for you to understand how silly this “80 million votes” thing is. In my opinion, this election was stolen from the American people who loved their America First President and wanted to Keep America Great..and there is nothing on this planet that will ever convince me otherwise.

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The left used COVID to unleash the “Great Reset,” complete with a messy and chaotic mail-in ballot scheme that was ripe for fraud and left such a maze of confusing breadcrumbs that it would take months and months to even make sense of it all.

And don’t get me started on Dominion…but again, it would take months of forensic analysis to prove anything, and that would also mean we’d need a slew of judges who would agree there needed to be an investigation, and we all know how that might go, right?

And the RINOs rose up to help the communist Dems (Kemp, Ducey, etc.) because they hate Trump as much as the left does and they’re ready for business to go back to the usual swampy stuff that they love.

And that’s where Randy Quaid comes in…


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He’s furious, fed-up, and disgusted, like the rest of us are…and he’s now asking President Trump to uphold his oath of office by refusing to leave the White House.

Here’s what he said: ‘We’ve all the evidence we need to prove election fraud. Do not leave the White House. I would see it as a violation of your oath to defend our Constitution if you willingly hand your office over to the very criminals attempting to overthrow our system of fair & open elections.”

Look, as frustrating and hard as this process has been, going quietly into the night, while Dems and the media jackals (led by Fox News) complete their steal, isn’t an option.

That’s why President Trump and his team are currently fighting their butts off.

And we need to stay the course, hold the line, and keep fighting.

MORE NEWS: AZ Rep Calls On Lawmakers to Withhold Biden Electors, “I’ll See You All in Court”

This election will likely go to the SCOTUS and I believe we’ll win.

so, don’t give up and don’t give in….not ever.

We didn’t fight this hard for 5 years to roll over when the Deep State strikes the hardest.

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