President Trump Needs to Listen to Tom Fitton And Get This Special Counsel Started ASAP

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Tom Fitton has a perfect idea, and I sure hope President Trump is listening right now.

But before we get to that, I happened upon this little factoid, which ties into what Fitton talking about.


Media Research Center released its findings on the 2020 presidential election, and they’ve determined that the media’s refusal to cover key stories on Hunter and Joe Biden were contributing factors in Trump’s “defeat.”

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Now, I don’t believe for one second that Trump legitimately lost to a man who is one sneeze away from full-blown Alzheimer’s — that’s laughable, but what Media Research discovered does further prove that our propaganda media colluded to interfere in a US election.

The Russians wish they had this type of plan and power, right?

Conservative pundit Sebastian Gorka said it best: “RIGGED”


And speaking of the mountain of Biden scandals, Tom Fitton is waiting for President Trump to make a very, very important announcement.

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Here’s what he said: “The personnel announcement I’m waiting for is who will be the special prosecutor appointed by @RealDonaldTrump
to investigate the Biden family.”

Here are some of the reactions to what Tom is calling for:

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“yes .. enough of who will be the secretary of this or that of biden’s basement”

“How about @SidneyPowell1 being the special Prosecutor”

“More than time for this to be handled. They have the evidence.”

“Hope he does it before the end of the year.”

And conservative pundit Dinesh D’souza agrees. Here’s what he said:

“This is critically important. Do it”

We hope that President Trump uses all the tools and weapons at this fingertips in order to unleash holy hell on these jackals.

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