President Trump’s Major “Ace” Up His Sleeve if The Clock Runs Out

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I will tell you one thing, there is nobody on this planet who is a better fighter than President Trump. This guy is a modern-day warrior.

And even when faced with the most insurmountable odds, he manages to pull off some of the most miraculous victories.

And this fraud scenario, which is still far from over, is one of his biggest battles yet..but the one thing he’s up against that could cause him grief is “time.” Time is not on his side…and that was by design…trust me.

But President Trump isn’t giving up or throwing in the towel, but he clearly has an ace up his sleeve if the clock runs out.

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Trump just told a crowd of guests at the WH that if the clock runs out and Biden does steal the WH, that he’ll be back in four years…but not just that…he said he’d make the announcement on Inauguration Day.

What a warrior and American patriot he is.

From Daily Wire 

President Donald Trump suggested he would run for president again in 2024 should he eventually lose reelection to Democratic nominee Joe Biden.

Trump told a crowd of guests at the White House Christmas party that he would see them “in four years” if his legal challenges against vote totals in several states failed. The president’s comments were caught on a Facebook livestream by former Oklahoma Republican Party Chair Pam Pollard.

“It’s been an amazing four years,” Trump said, according to The Associated Press. “We’re trying to get another four years, but otherwise I’ll see you in four years.”

Trump continued to charge that widespread voter fraud awarded Biden and cost himself thousands of votes, enough to influence the outcome of the election. Trump’s legal team and other pro-Trump attorneys continues to push legal challenges in several states over vote alleged election irregularities and affidavits of alleged witnesses to voter fraud and misconduct.

“It’s certainly an unusual year. We won an election. But they don’t like that,” Trump said. “I call it a rigged election, and I always will.”

Earlier reports have suggested that Trump was considering another run at the White House should he eventually lose the election to Biden. One such report said that Trump was planning to announce his 2024 election run on Inauguration Day if Biden is sworn in.

We all know who won this election — and in an epic and amazing Red Wave landslide, and there is nothing that anyone can say or do to convince us otherwise.

But time is not our friend right now, and the Dems made an absolute nest of chaos that’s difficult to unravel, so it’s good to see that while Trump is fighting with all his might right now, that he also has a savage backup plan in the works.

That’s what good leaders do…and that’s why we support him.

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Source: Wayne Dupree

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