POWERFUL: Indian American Poll Worker Gives STRONG Testimony

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This is the full testimony of Indian American Hima Kolanagireddy, who before the Michigan House Oversight Committee, alleged witnessing fraud during the election as a representative observer of the Michigan GOP. She was brought as a witness to testify by President Trump’s attorneys Rudy Giuliani & Jenna Ellis. 

You can watch the full interaction here:

WITNESS: White Male GOP Observers Were Targeted In Detroit, Poll Workers Screamed ‘Get These MFs Out’

“The thing that bothered me was every time a GOP challenger was being thrown out, all the poll workers, Democrats, and everybody else were cheering”

During Tuesday’s Michigan State Senate hearing on election issues, multiple witnesses presented testimony of voter fraud, ballot tampering and poll challenger intimidation. One GOP challenger explained how the pro-Biden poll workers’ naive assumption that she was a Democrat because of her gender and ethnicity made them let their guard down and talk to her about intimidating and removing GOP legal observers.

Witness Hima Kolanagireddy, who is an immigrant of color, corroborated the myriad statements of other witnesses regarding poll worker intimidation. Other witnesses reported screaming, threats, and harassment directed towards poll observers, as well as testimony about obese poll officials using their bodies to physically shield the ballots from being seen.

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“There was a group of people who were agitators, who were trying to get GOP people in trouble,” Kolanagireddy said. “And from my skin color everyone assumes that I’m a Democrat. And so they just kind of came to me, and one of these ladies was saying ‘let’s get these MFs out.’ And I’m like, ‘MFs who?’ Because she thought I was a Democrat. And when I pulled out my [Republican] tag, she looked at me and she was like, ‘You’re on the wrong side.’”

“Then I noticed that they were going and getting all the white male Republicans out by sheer intimidation, by just saying ‘Oh, your mask slipped, you’re going to get people killed,’ like you’ve heard from so many other people.”

Upon seeing the wanton intimidation, Kolanagireddy then asked the GOP to get her a set of non-partisan credentials.

“The thing that bothered me was every time a GOP challenger was being thrown out, all the poll workers, Democrats, and everybody else were cheering, and that was very disappointing because [the GOP] people were just doing their job… and they were treated with utmost disrespect.”

National File previously reported on the harassment and intimidation of GOP poll challengers in Detroit, which culminated in Democrat poll workers boarding up the windows of the TCF Center after removing the Republican challengers so that no one could see inside:

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Chaos is unfolding Wednesday at the TCF Center in Detroit, Michigan; where GOP poll watchers and lawyers were ordered to leave the room, and vote counters obscured the vision of onlookers by holding up cardboard signs and then boarding up the windows to prevent outraged voters from seeing how the ballots were being handled.

In one video, a man with an official lanyard can be seen screaming, “We want all the Republican challengers out of this room!”

Election supervisors, who appear to be predominantly female, can be seen yelling at GOP poll observers to move to the other side of the room, out of sight.

“We’re not answering anymore questions!” a black female supervisor shouts.

In another video, black female poll workers can be seen cheering every time a GOP poll watcher is ejected from the TCF Center.

The view of onlookers was then obscured by cardboard signs, before the windows were ultimately boarded up by poll workers to prevent voters from seeing inside.

GOP poll watchers were later seen chanting “Let us in” to no avail, as they were deliberately barred from being admitted into the premises. All the while, votes were counted were verification.

Another witness confirmed to the Senate Committee that she saw her supervisors at Dominion Voting Systems committing election fraud at the TCF Center.

Source: National File

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