Poll: Nearly One-Third of Voters Consider Trump Legitimate Winner

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Nearly a third of all voters consider President Donald Trump the legitimate winner of November’s presidential election with another 10% unsure of who won, according to a poll conducted by Scott Rasmussen for Just the News.

Of 1,200 people surveyed nationally via online or text message Jan. 2-3, 31% viewed Trump as the winner, 59% considered Joe Biden the winner, and 10% were not sure, Just the News reported.

By party, 64% of Republicans saw Trump as the victor while 93% of Democrats saw Biden as the winner.

The results were similar to previous polls, such as the Marist poll taken in early December where 34% of registered voters said they did not consider the results of the election as accurate.

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The Rasmussen results were relatively consistent across sex and age demographics, although those aged 45-54 were the most likely to consider Trump the winner, at about 38%.


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