Opinion: They Just Got McConnell The Same Way They Got Pelosi; Americans Are Not Happy With Either Side!

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OPINION | This article contains commentary which reflects the author’s opinion.

Tip to vandals: Nothing helps your political opponents like turning them into martyrs. True victimhood is a precious commodity.

On Friday night, Sen. Mitch McConnell’s Highlands Kentucky home was vandalized in the same manner as Rep. Nancy Pelosi just a day or so before, according to reports.


Angry messages were left on the walls that included “where’s my money,” “Mitch kills poor” and expletives. The graffiti was posted online for everyone to see.

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Let me be frank. McConnell and Pelosi both need to start working for the people who elected them; lifetime politicians need to be eliminated; they obviously lose focus on what they were elected to do, which helps the people, not their egos.

I am a fiscally responsible conservative. However, in light of our current health crisis, which is the worst in over a century, I do not believe that a 2000 dollar payment for hard-working Americans is unreasonable. Considering the trillions that go for corporate welfare and other wasteful handouts unrelated to COVID.

Saying that every career politician should be living in fear for what they’ve done to the American people, leaders had better watch out, in the future, and tread lightly. People on both sides are getting to a breaking point for different reasons. I personally don’t think it’s the government’s job to take care of us, or is it the government’s place to restrict what we can and can’t do.

This is your introduction to Communism, America. The whole point of the Democrats shutting down all your businesses is to introduce you to be dependent on the state for your income: that, and the destruction of the entire middle class and American’s self-sufficiency. Self-sufficiency flies in the face of the Democrat’s goal of making you subservient to the state. Congrats, you’re already a communist country, and you don’t even know it yet!

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Let me first say it is taxpayer’s money, not the government’s nor politicians’ dollars. We vote for these guys in the office to look after our tax dollars and use them wisely, which in itself is a joke, but that’s another story. I agree with the many American working people and small businesses that need that money to get by still barely. However, I’ll never agree to vandalism or threats as a means to protest. I think politicians don’t know how much a loaf of bread costs, and the young angry protesters want everything free and right now. Somehow we have to fix this divide.


Mitch and Pelosi make 200K per year under 4K per week, working just 145 days out of 261 working days. Members of Congress have removed themselves from the very people they were elected to represent. They cannot relate to opening a fridge and having nothing in it.

Politicians don’t care; they are numb to everyone’s complaining. Once they get their stomach full, they retire, write a book, and make more millions because millions of Americans are so stupid that they buy their books, so more money for these politicians after they cream every single person in America either legal or illegal.

People are tired of the Corporations and Wealthy controlling our government. The politicians require the PAC bribes to get elected. This system is totally corrupt, and something must be done to fix it.

It is not only corporations and the wealthy controlling our government. It is mainly the media that reports biased “news” that swings elections. Many magazines and news outlets are controlled/owned by less than a handful of “publishers” and “producers.” That “handful” controls our government by controlling the outcome of elections.

There is no place for violence like this, but in this country today, with a pandemic forcing millions out of work and closing business, this unemployment should have been renewed months ago. The politicians have even acknowledged they played politics with this pandemic assistance bill. Over the years, this US government has given trillions to foreign governments. This time of unprecedented need to play politics with supplying out of work Americans with much-needed assistance shows the pompous disregard. Hence, many public office holders have for American citizens.


The New House of Representatives meets for the 1st time tomorrow, AND the vote for Speaker of the House takes place tomorrow. In-person attendance is required/mandatory–no from home proxy stuff allowed tomorrow. By my count, Pelosi has either only a 9 or 10 seat so-called “majority.”

In the last Speaker vote, 15 democrats voted against her. And, 10 of those democrat Members are back–will vote Sunday. It’s almost a cinch all 212 Republican Members will vote against Pelosi, and there could be some democrat Member no shows because of COVID. How delicious it would be for democrats & their tiny majority to be throttled by a Republican House Speaker.

It most certainly Could happen, folks. Bring popcorn.

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