Opinion: The Democratic Party Still Doesn’t Understand, Their Policies Repulse Americans!

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Until these court challenges are played out, the results of this election are illegitimate. I keep hearing the Trump votes could not have been manipulated since so many other republicans down-ballot won.

Using that logic, if Joe Biden votes were not manipulated, how could so many down-ballot Democrats have lost?


I watched the violent protests in Seattle, Portland, NYC, Chicago, Michigan, Wisconsin, D.C., etc., for months with very little and very late condemnation from Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, Dems, and MSM. I watched the violence that occurred again in D.C. just last night, but I have yet to hear Biden, Harris, the Dem leadership, and MSM condemn. Biden, Harris, the Dems, and MSM have normalized violent political protests. Pretty disgusting.

The only thing uglier than a sore loser is a sore winner.

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The “packaging” Dems continually attempt to do is disguising the truth rather than revealing it. Manipulating perceptions rather than clarifying. And with the help of the mainstream media and academia, they have become very skilled at it.

If the Democrat Party policies are wrong, and they are, where can they go? They won’t concede being wrong, so they will continue to put different shades of lipstick on their policy pigs, and the show will continue until a weary and increasingly uninformed public takes the bait.

Barack Obama’s popularity has the Dems confused. Obama’s policies cost him both houses of Congress. America was so upset with his first two years of driving ideology that they elected anyone that promised to unwind Obamacare and Dodd-Frank. America loved Obama but hated his policies.

Clinton failed to notice that distinction and ran on Obama’s policies and failed.


As for Biden, nobody paid any attention to his policies. Biden ran as a demagogue that painted his opponent as a racist and, thereby, his supporters. It was the one trick that the Obama Administration used to attack the opposition. For eight years, we were told that any opposition to Obama was racist. Biden picked up that theme.

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The Democrat Party still doesn’t get it. Their policies repulse Americans. But, Obama did a fine job of priming the electorate for a demagogue that exploits racial hate to defeat the opponent.

It’s no surprise that the Democratic Party lost some seats. Americans don’t want a single party controlling the House, Senate, and White House. The Democrats had the same “policies” in 2018. How’d that work out for them?  In 2018, Democrats picked up 41 seats to prevent Republicans from maintaining total control. It’s just too bad compromise in Congress is a thing of the past because this outlook will prevent anything from getting done.

In 2022, Donald Trump won’t be on the ticket to juice the turnout of the faithful. And Democrats will need to do a better job of counteracting the smears and articulate more forcefully what they’re actually FOR, like protecting your health coverage and cleaner air, what they’re definitely NOT for, like defunding the police and raising taxes on the middle class.

America’s first great Civil War was waged between the Republican abolitionists and the Democratic slave owners.


This civil war is waged between Republicans who want to reign in the federal government and Democrats who are self-described socialists.

In both wars, Republicans battle for personal liberty. That’s what’s at stake.

Mainstream America spoke loud and clear in this election; the progressive Democrats and the media are still scratching their heads and not listening. They tried to shove their radical ideas down our throat, and we’re sick and tired of it! Wake up, Democrats!

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