Opinion: Republican Or Democrat, If We Can’t Trust Our Voting System, We Have No Country

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In 2016 the delusional Democrats were very confident that Hillary Clinton would win hands down. They continued counting without interruption until 2 am to proclaim the winner. They were disappointed when it turned out to be GOP candidate Donald Trump, but they knew that that election was fair and square in their hearts.

In 2020, the Dems were not confident that Joe Biden would win. He did not really campaign as hard; he was in his basement, making excuses about the COVID-19. He showed some signs of memory and organization problems; he did not really have an audience even when he was with Barack Obama (compared to Trump’s audience), they knew Biden might not win. So on the night of the election, they interrupted the counting when Trump was leading by 700K.


When the counting resumed the following day, Biden was shown as leading. The dems know in their hearts that this election was not fair and square. The evidence is buried in the total votes and will not be discovered for years.

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What have they done to our democracy? If voting truly mattered, it wouldn’t be allowed. This is all political theatre. It’s not who votes that matters; it’s who counts the votes.

Throughout history, governments needed to find a “common enemy” to “unite” the people to achieve their objectives—Pearl Harbor, Gulf of Tonkin, 9/11, etc. The government has been deemed as enemies of each other by race, religion, and creed.

As someone who follows politics very closely and who hasn’t missed an election since 1992, I find it highly suspicious that nobody wants to do the one thing that would eliminate all of this hubbub and do a complete audit and signature comparison with every mail-in ballot, a validity check to ensure all applicable state laws were followed, in each of these highly contested states that made sweeping changes to their mail-in ballot rules before this election.

Certify that all the changes made were done in accordance with each state’s laws and constitution and accordance with Article 2 of the US Constitution.

I have to say. I watched the Georgia video that has gone viral, and after everyone left, there were only five people there. They were all counting ballots. So, where was this mysterious 6th person overseeing the counting? Where were these poll watchers they claim were there after the counting “closed for the night.”

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Even the fake news media reported election night that Fulton County stopped vote counting because of a water line break. Media observers and Republican observers were told to go home and come back in the morning when the counting would resume. Once the room was cleared, the ballots’ cases were pulled out and counted without all the poll watchers.

The video shows this, and even the fake news media validated it on election night. These elections officials deny it because they could go to jail for it occurring on their watch. Just audit the votes and compare signatures, addresses, and verify ID. It should have been done immediately after the election, but they won’t do it because they know it will expose the fraud, and many heads would roll.

I’m not calling fraud or conspiracy, but something about this does not sit well with me. And I urge everyone to question motives, regardless of party affiliation.

Some people are too busy making snide comments about conservatives actually to realize we are concerned about the bigger picture. It’s not all about us being right about the fraud; it’s about exposing any irregularities that can compromise our election process. Maybe hundreds and hundreds of affidavits aren’t enough to convince liberal judges there is widespread fraud, but, at the very least, it PROVES it needs to be deeply investigated and the problems rooted out. This should not be a partisan issue; it should be an American issue. Why is that so hard to understand?

This election is, without doubt, going to face unparalleled scrutiny, and it is clear that efforts are already in motion by multiple groups to fix the election in favor of democrats. The same strategy will likely be deployed using battleground counties as a means to obfuscate the genuine voting process with an entire host of irregularities such as more broken water mains, delays, missing votes, added votes, absentee and mail-in irregularities such that the winners prevail by mere hundreds of votes.


Forget the image that pretty much died with the Reagan era, of the “shining city on a hill.” How humiliating for America that we can not hold an election that even convinces half of our own citizens that the election was honest and fairly counted.

We are more inept than most of the third world. Why is it that ANY ACTION recommended assuring more honesty of the sacred ballot system is ALWAYS always made by a Republican? And, it is ALWAYS answered by Democrats as being racist and hindering minority voters? We have become a country in which Democrats seek to flood the process with unsolicited mail-in ballots, and no judicial level wishes to be the one that declares our voting system broken!

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