Opinion: Pelosi And Schumer Better Be Afraid Of The Radicals They Created

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How many you believe that Rep. Nancy Pelosi and Sen. Chuck Schumer along with Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and her bunch feel they can manipulate and control ANTIFA and BLM if they were to rise to the control booth, especially when these radical leftists threaten to purge the country of Trump supporters no one in the Democrat leadership disavows them.

I think that these BLM and Antifa types scare the hell out of Chuckles and Nancy, which is a critical point. The RINOs among us say that all of this payback talk is talk, but if their allies are afraid of them, we will do well to take the threat seriously. The Democrat’s are about to be consumed by their own creation, but we won’t as long as we still love freedom.


Radical Communist Liberals are so caught up in their echo chamber that they actually believe that they lost House seats because the lost candidates were not Radical enough.

There is at least a Dozen, maybe 20 Democrat Representatives from very Conservative Democrat districts. If Democrats are too Liberal, Democrats could actually find a Republican as Speaker of the House. This is a real possibility. That would mean there was a Red Wave, not a Blue one.

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Add to that a President Trump win in the Electoral College; still, a real possibility due to the obvious fraud already found, and the Democrats will be in real trouble. Democrats seem to be going everything wrong, they are already talking about a National shutdown in January, but they can’t help themselves.


Let me also add, the various identity groups Democrats rely on to win elections are making it clear to the Biden-Harris administration that their votes aren’t free of charge, as are the radical leftists in the Democratic Party. Sen. Bernie Sanders and AOC have already signaled their intent to push a “President Biden” away from the center and to the left and won’t take “no” for an answer.

Anybody that believes in Joe Biden’s call for unity message is as laughable as it is dangerous and, frankly, I’m not falling for it, and neither should you.

The civil war within the Democrat Party has been brewing for a long time, and it’s about to come to ahead. The combatants are in their corners, waiting for the ding dong bell, and I can’t wait.

I won’t entertain that rhetoric of coming together by the Democrats because they can’t practice what they preach. On its face, it’s meant to produce a feel-good euphoria for the American voter, but underneath the blanket are burning coals, and when sooner or later, they are going to burn through. All of this is a continuing attempt at Obama’s fundamental transforming this nation.

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Their minion are uncontrollable and can’t be reached. You saw the Oregon mayor try to talk to them and that didn’t work. The Minnesota mayor thought he was part of them, and they laughed him away with his skinny jeans.

With Dems in control, the right-leaning Americans will definitely have to think about family and property first before saving their radical souls and I mean that.

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