Obama blues again

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In the ninth and final verse of “Stuck Inside of Mobile with the Memphis Blues Again,” Bob Dylan observes:

An’ here I sit so patiently
Waiting to find out what price
You have to pay to get out of
Going through all these things twice

That’s the question that occurred to me watching the gentleman from Madame Tussauds put the COVID-19 pandemic to political use last night (video below). With a little help from his speechwriters, the gentleman from Madame Tussauds even pretended to recall his role in the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 in the course of his remarks. Philip Wegmann tunes in to the echoes of days gone by in the RCP column “2009 redux?”

There is no way the gentleman from Madame Tussauds would be quite so confident about shoving this down our throats without the control of the Senate shifting to the Democrats come January 20. And I don’t think there can be any reasonable doubt — none whatsoever — that President Trump is the proximate cause of our subjection to the coming Democrat-controlled Senate. He played an instrumental role in the loss of the two Republican Senate seats in the Georgia runoffs. The Dylan song could be repurposed as “Stuck Inside of ‘lanta with the Obama Blues Again.”

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