Newsmax Reports Traitor Mitch McConnell Has a Serious “Revolt” on His Hands Right Now

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The MAGA portion of the Republican Party, which is the majority at this point, has rocked the establishment GOP so hard, they’re not even able to stand on their feet.

It all started when traitor Mitch McConnell recognized fraud Joe Biden as “President-Elect.”

If that wasn’t bad enough, he then ordered his Senate minions to stand down and not do anything to help President Trump stop the steal.

That’s when Mitch showed his true colors and when it became very clear that the GOP leadership and establishment was in on the coup.

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At that moment, MAGA sprang into action and started applying an epic amount of pressure on Republicans, demanding they stand with President Trump and the 75+ million who voted for him.

And it’s taken a mighty long time, but we’re finally seeing the fruits of our labor, as Republicans are now shifting away from Mitch and vowing to object to the 2020 sham election.

Patrick Byrnes, a Trump loyalist and insider just tweeted this from the “belly of the beast.”

Here’s what he said:

“From inside the belly of the beast, I promise you: you are all making a difference. By standing up as you are, your politicians are now understanding that you will not bend a knee to a rigged election. And yet are starting to find their strength too. CONTINUE CONTACTING THEM!!!”

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And what all of this means is that Mitch McConnell and the GOP establishment are facing a huge disaster.

It’s so bad that Newsmaxs’ star reporter Emerald Robinson says Mitch has a full-blown ‘revolt’ on his hands.

Here’s what she said: “The Right is now pressuring and protesting GOP leadership to defend President Trump. Mitch McConnell & the GOP establishment have a real revolt to deal with now.”

It’s Mitch vs Trump, and I don’t need to tell you who is winning.

This is Trump’s Republican Party, and anyone who doesn’t realize that will get the boot.

Keep calling, keep shouting, and keep demanding, because it’s working.

US Senate switchboard: (202) 224-3121

House switchboard: (202) 224-3121

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