Mark Levin Declares “Screw New York Post” After the “Fox-Owned” Paper Calls on Trump to “Concede”

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Mark Levin is pissed.

The media is in full-blown psyop-mode right now demanding that President Trump concede, even in the midst of these ridiculous and rather questionable numbers and stories coming out all over the place on sketchy goings-on with the election.


I love how we can go through 4 years of a Russia hoax, but we can’t go through a month of investigating our US elections to make sure everything was on the up and up.

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Doesn’t that sound a little suspicious to you? It doesn’t pass the “smell test.”

And now Levin is directing his ire at The New York Post, who is owned by the Murdochs, the same family who owns Fox News.

They’re calling on Trump to concede now –gee, it’s almost as if that entire Hunte Biden scandal they were a part of was a controlled-op rouse. What did they do, ask FB and Twitter to censor the story to make it seem like they were on our side, so now, when they call on Trump to “concede” it has more “validity?”

Very sneaky move, if true…

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I mean, at this point, we can’t put anything past these media jackals.

Here’s what Levin said in a savage pair of tweets:

1. Now the New York Post is pressuring the president to concede before the courts rule. Gore spent 37 days litigating over a single state. There’s a case pending in the Supreme Court. Gore went there twice. What the hell is all this pressure 5 damn days after the election!

2. Screw these media outlets. They don’t decide the presidency. The Constitution does!  The president has an uphill battle but he has the absolute legal and constitutional right to pursue these avenues.

Let’s not get gaslit by the lying fake news media.

Remember, they’re all liars, they didn’t wake up on 11/4 and decide to start telling the truth.

The entire country is being lied to right now – your job is to realize that and rise above it.

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President Trump is currently fighting hard and he deserves his day in court. He’s representing all of us and the Constitution.

So, we need to rise up and fight right alongside him.

This election will go to the courts and I still believe we will win. I won’t believe otherwise until the last gavel hits the wood.

Don’t give up and don’t give in.

We didn’t fight this hard for 5 years to roll over when the Deep State strikes.

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