Mark Halperin, Steve Cortes to Newsmax TV: Unlikely Trump Will Be Removed

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The news that House Democrats are calling for another impeachment of President Donald Trump over the events that unfolded this week with the violence at the Capitol isn’t surprising, but it also won’t pan out, political insider Mark Halperin and Trump campaign adviser Steve Cortes told Newsmax TV Friday morning. 

“I say yes, please, go ahead,” Cortes, the Trump 2020 Campaign Senior Advisor for Strategy, said on Newsmax TV’s “Wake Up America.” “It will be about as successful as the first impeachment effort.”

He added that he thinks Democrats are trying to “sully” Trump during his last days in the White House “because they know how successful this term in office was.”

“It might work well in the beltway,” said Cortes. “It might work well with elites. It is not working with working-class Americans who know too well what this president did for them.”

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Earlier Friday morning, Rep. Katherine Clark, D-Mass., the assistant Secretary of the House, said that if Vice President Mike Pence does not move to invoke the 25th Amendment against Trump after the riot at the Capitol, House Democrats will move forward with articles of impeachment to be filed as early as the middle of next week.

Pence is reportedly planning to reject calls that he invoke the 25th Amendment.

Halperin said that as a “matter of political reality,” if the House Democrats really were tying to impeach Trump they would have announced the plans unilaterally in a bipartisan manner.

He added that Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y., who is poised to become majority leader, and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., have instead “turned this into a political issue uniquely,” so the chances of impeachment are “not going anywhere.”

“It could pass the House,” he said. “A simple resolution could pass the House without hearings or discussion. But then it will be up to the Senate to see if they want to take it up. Without a trial, without giving the president a chance to defend himself. I find that to be very unlikely with the time that is remaining in his term.”

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Halperin also said he does not see a way forward for the 25th Amendment to be used, considering the votes that would be needed.

Cortes, meanwhile, insisted that with the 25th Amendment’s provisions stating that that the measure is to be used in the case of a president’s inability to keep serving, the measure won’t be taken. 

“He’s of course fully in charge, fully engaged,” said Cortes, accusing Schumer, Pelosi, Democrats, and the media of wanting to “toxify the president” on his way out because of how successful he has been. 

“They’re not just doing that because they despise Trump,” he said. “They hate the American worker. They hate the ‘deplorables’ … it’s because they despise you.”

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