Liberals Cook Up a Wild New “Melania Conspiracy Theory” Based on Her “Smile” That Will Have Your Eyes Rolling

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The left loves to make fun of and mock the people who support Q, and claim they’re a “dangerous conspiracy theory” group.

Meanwhile, they’re busy spreading insane conspiracy theories about Trump that are actually dangerous…like falsely claiming for 4 years that he was a “Russian agent,” or that he was dying from COVID, while also saying he was lying about having COVID.


The list of wacky and truly dangerous conspiracy theories that the left has cooked up about the Trump’s is miles long, but nobody in the mainstream fake news media holds them accountable.

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They just freely spew and spread this garbage and then move on to the next one when they’re done.

Shampoo, rinse and repeat…

At they’re at it again, this time focusing on Melania.

The left is convinced that Melania isn’t “real.” Yes, according to these rocket scientists, the Melania you see is a “fake.”

And they’ve got the pics to prove it, folks…🙄

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These whackadoos think they’ve cracked the case because of the “smile” on the “Melania double,”  because the REAL MELANIA would never “smile” that way…oh, and nose is too “pointy.”

One grainy and blurry photo (that also looks manipulated) of Melania smiling differently (???) has sent these loons down a dark and dank rabbit hole.

Here are some of the comments:

“the jaw line is strikingly different between photos 1-4. just sayin’…”

“And now I’m a Melania truther.”

“Damn clones”

“Look at the nose. It’s not melania.”

“Her nose is pointier, too. Unless the photo was altered.”

“It’s the teeth for me.”

“Her mouth can’t reach that width. It’s tightened up too much.”

These people actually believe the “Real Melania” has left Trump and this is the “fake one” standing in:

“She might be now she has gone away from the Loser!”

Just LOOK how easy it was for Don to replace her! #FakeMelania

OMG how many #FakeMelania are there!?”

These people all need a mental institution and YEARS of medicine and therapy.

I can’t believe how such a large swath of our population has allowed politics to destroy their lives and corrupt their minds and souls.

Obviously, these were very weak-minded people to begin with…because let me tell you – I despised Obama,  but it never altered me as a person.

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