Let’s Make Fun of Andy Cuomo

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In the front rank of the cast of heroes and villains of 2020 is Andy Cuomo, the feckless Governor of New York, a villain. He preened while New York burned. His policy of sending covid-infected patients into nursing homes killed thousands, while he tried to obscure the disaster by misleadingly reporting covid deaths.

As the catastrophe unfolded, he hosted a nightly television show that bore little relation to reality and therefore was hailed by liberals. The apotheosis of Cuomo adoration–weird, since he has one of the worst records of any governor east of Gavin Newsom, not only on covid but on policy generally, which is why New York is shrinking–came when he won an Emmy for his television appearances.

I want to be clear, though: I do not think that Cuomo has been trying to kill New Yorkers. I think their deaths have been mostly accidental, from his perspective. Still, it is hard to argue with the Babylon Bee:

We must add, for the benefit of Twitter, Facebook, Snopes et al. that this is satire! It’s a joke! Andy Cuomo was not really seen rolling barrels of vaccine into the Hudson River! See, the idea is that he has done such a terrible job as governor that it is almost as though he is trying to get his constituents killed.

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I should add, too: It is legal to criticize Democratic politicians! This may be contrary to what the fact-checkers learned in college, but it is true. Ridiculing politicians is legal, even if they are Democrats. Who knew?

So, to Twitter, Facebook, Snopes, etc., please: tell your fact-checkers to start focusing on Joe Biden, who, as far as we know, isn’t kidding.

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