Joe Biden’s Security Detail to Include Familiar Faces

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President-elect Joe Biden’s Secret Service detail will include agents with whom he worked as vice president.

While it is not unusual for the Secret Service to make staffing changes to the presidential detail when a new administration takes office, The Washington Post reported Wednesday the new moves come amid concerns about how some agents might have aligned with President Donald Trump.

The Secret Service “remains steadfastly dedicated to a standard of excellence in those operations, wholly apolitically, and unaffiliated with the political parties of protectees,” agency spokesperson Catherine Milhoan said in a statement to the Post.

“As a matter of practice and due to operational security, the agency does not comment on protective operations inclusive of internal decisions on agency assignments.”

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Darryl Volpicelli and Brian McDonough are among supervisory agents who served in the previous administration and are expected to be added to Biden’s detail. Volpicelli reportedly will become the second-in-command of the presidential detail, and McDonough will become a senior detail supervisor.

David Cho, who helped lead the protective detail during the current administration, will reportedly also help lead the presidential detail for the Biden administration.

A former Secret Service executive told the Post it is “smart to give the incoming president the comfort of the familiar.”

Criticism has been aimed at the Secret Service in recent months following reports some agents were told by members of the presidential detail to forgo masks when around President Trump, per The Hill.

Another controversy occurred when Anthony Ornato, who previously headed up the current administration’s detail, became a political adviser at the White House.

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The Hill reached out to the Secret Service for comment but had yet to hear back.


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