Greetings From Mar-a-Lago

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I have been in Florida for the last few days, attending Turning Point USA’s Winter Gala and Student Action Summit. The gala was at Mar-a-Lago, our first visit to Trumpland. It was a beautiful evening:

The crowd was large and enthusiastic. We chatted with a lot of interesting people, including a young woman who has been in charge of President Trump’s events–all his rallies, among other things–for the last five years. The program featured speeches by Laura Ingraham, Kristi Noem, Rand Paul and Kayleigh McEnany, all brief, happily.

Yesterday we attended some Student Action Summit events, including a roundtable with Ric Grenell. We also spent some time with the woman who is in charge of trying to assure that the voter fraud we witnessed in 2020 does not recur in 2022. She is very smart, very able, and has, I think, the right general plan. How well it succeeds will vary from state to state.

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Last night, the main student event kicked off. TPUSA had made the necessary arrangements to limit crowd size and implement social distancing, but at the eleventh hour, as students were entering the Palm Beach Convention Center, the local police department raided the event and stopped students from entering the building. RedState has a good report.

The effect was to keep students packed together “like sardines,” as RedState puts it, ostensibly to protect them from covid. Speakers, including Donald Trump, Jr. and Tucker Carlson, responded by going outside and addressing the stranded students. Here is Don Jr.:

It is nice to be in Florida, where life is much closer to normal than in Minnesota. You can eat in restaurants, for example. It is warmer here, too, although the state is going through a cool spell.

In my opinion, Turning Point does a better job than any other national organization of bringing conservative ideas to young people and motivating and organizing them. I would encourage you to go here and donate if you are able.

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