‘Green energy’ grid collapses as historic winter storm claims multiple lives

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Unprecedented winter storm has hit the US from New England to the South, leaving behind death and destruction. The storm was responsible multiple deaths as well as for widespread power outages. 173 million people have been under alerts since Sunday covering an area which stretches nearly 2500 miles.

The power outages were particularly devastating for residents of Texas, many of whom found themselves without heating amidst freezing temperatures. The storm is blamed for at least nine deaths Tuesday as millions of Texans are waking up without power.  

Meanwhile, nearly 4 million homes and businesses were without power early Tuesday in Texas, where temperatures dipped into the single digits overnight. 

More than 1 million of those outages were reported in the Houston area, according to Poweroutage.us, a website that tracks disruptions. Elsewhere, more than 300,000 customers are without power in both the San Antonio and Austin areas, it added.

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At least a part of the power outages can be blamed on efforts in Texas to promote ‘green energy’, as about a half of power-generating windmills in the state froze. Windmills that could not generate electricity, as well as higher demand from unprecedented temperatures caused the electric grid to collapse.

Electric Reliability Council of Texas, a body which oversees the grid was left unable to solve the crisis. They simply urged the residents to use less electricity to keep warm, despite the freezing temperatures.

This was pointed out by FOX commentator Tucker Carlson who noted the catastrophic effect of ‘green energy’ on the lives of Texans during the winter storm.

As Texans were struggling to find alternative heating sources, many of the deaths were linked to carbon monoxide poisoning form car exhaust. People that were trying to stay warm with their car’s heating system in their garage were poisoned by the toxic gas buildup.

But that is not all. As temperatures remain below freezing for much of the central U.S., a tornado ripped through a town in North Carolina.

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“It’s something like I have never seen before. A lot of destruction. It’s going to be a long recovery process,” Brunswick County Sheriff John Ingram.  

The tornado destroyed homes, downing powerlines that left thousands without electricity and snapping trees in half, news outlets reported. Authorities say at least 10 have people have been injured and others are trapped in homes.  

As we are facing widespread natural disasters, many on the left will claim that climate change is what caused this disruption in weather. Whether you believe that or not, the winter storm also demonstrated that ‘green energy’ is not a good solution to that problem.

The negative effect of ‘green energy’ on energy security is apparent. When the sun does not shine, when the wind does not blow, or when temperatures drop, ‘green energy’ simply does not work. Maybe that did not seem to be a big concern before. But anyone who experienced the winter storm of 2021 will remember just how dangerous unreliable energy sources can be.

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