Gordon Chang to Newsmax TV: Sending Iger to China Would Appease Beijing

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Disney Executive Chairman Bob Iger is “one of the most capable people on the planet,” but it would be a bad move for Joe Biden to nominate him to be the U.S. ambassador to China, foreign affairs expert Gordon Chang told Newsmax TV on Saturday.

“Beijing is going to view that as an attempt to appease the Chinese,” Chang told host Rob Schmitt on “The Count.” “That’s going to make them even more arrogant. So this just a really bad idea, and I hope Biden will not bite on this one.”

After President Donald Trump raised the possibility China could be behind cyberattacks on several U.S. government and corporate targets, Chang said the countries could also be working together.

“The Russians might be the party hacking us, but they could very well be doing it on behalf of China,” Chang said. “We’ve seen this behavior among Russia, China, North Korea, sometimes Iran, so the ultimate party that benefits from it might not necessarily be the party that hacks us.”

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China and Russia “work together on a number of things,” not just cyberattacks, Chang said.

“At the height of the Syrian civil war, we saw it: Chinese naval vessels in the eastern Mediterranean as a warning to the U.S. because they were there to support Russia’s initiatives in the civil war,” he said. “I mean they do this for instance, and [hold] joint naval maneuvers in the South China Sea. All sorts of things that show coordination between the two militaries.”

There is also coordination between China and North Korea on occasion, Chang added, because “this is a multi-headed monster that we’re dealing with.”

Chang also commented on the growing scandal concerning Rep, Eric Swalwell, D-Calif., and his connection with suspected Chinese spy Christine Fang, saying what is really concerning is, after the Swalwell was informed about her, he remained on the House Intelligence Committee and worked to paint Russia as the real threat, when China was worse.

“If there is any substance to the rumor about a tryst, I would like to see Swalwell be forthcoming, so that would really remove any Chinese leverage over him,” Chang said. “He has not confirmed or denied what was going on. That, to me, was distressing.

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Chang also talked about the growing links between Hunter Biden and China, pointing out Beijing’s plan was not to “shovel money” into his hands but to influence his father.

“It was not Hunter that was really the target,” Chang said. “It was somebody who is going to perhaps sit in the White House.”

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