GA Rep Tells Kemp He’s Going to Be a One-Term Governor

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What’s going on with Brian Kemp?

Have you ever seen a so-called “Republican” hold the line for Dems more than this traitor?

He’s even more shameful than Mitt Romney.

How much are they paying him to do this?

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It would’ve been so simple to call a special session and get a signature audit done weeks ago – and that’s what should’ve been done. Why on earth would you not want to do that to – at the very least to put the minds of your constituents at ease, right?

Why wouldn’t a so-called “Republican” step up to bat for the Republican President or his voters?

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Kemp’s inaction makes no logical sense – and the only thing that can be deduced from it is that he’s covering for fraud.

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And even people who have been staunch supporters of Kemp are at their wits end with this clown.

One of those people – a state rep – actually called him out, and even told him that if he doesn’t turn things around and do the right thing he will be a one-term governor.

Here’s what David Clark said:

No longer can I be silent, @BrianKempGA. I’ve been a strong ally, endorsed you in the runoff and chaired your “Veterans for Kemp” during your gov. race. It’s time for you to be the man in the ad that said “I got a big truck…yep I said that” to step up for @realDonaldTrump.

“If you don’t take a stand and continue refusing to call for a special session, then I fear you will be a one term governor. Georgia & America more than ever needs leaders who will stand for #ElectionIntegrity.”

Even if Kemp were to act now, I think he’d still be done for in terms of GOP politics.

Anything he does now is “too little too late.”

We shouldn’t have to literally beg the people who work for us to do the obviously right thing.


It’s clear that Kemp and his Secretary of State sidekick are in cahoots with the Deep State and have been recruited to help steal this election from Trump and the American people.

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