Farage: GameStop crackdown shows why people voted for Trump and Brexit

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This is a new kind of populism, economic populism”, said Farage.

Nigel Farage, the man behind Brexit, voiced his support for retail investors of WallStreetBets who were behind the meteoric rise of GameStop and other stocks.

Farage related how when he proclaimed Bexit as a “victory for the common people”, most of the media had no idea what he was talking about.

“It’s about time Wall Street got a bloody nose”, Farage, the leader of Reform UK party (formerly Brexit Party) said.

Brexit, the election of Trump was, in Farage’s view, all about the fact that “we’re run and governed by people, whether they work in the civil service, giant businesses, big banks, politics, much of the media, they’re all the same people.”

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“They don’t understand the conversations that we have every day and of course when it comes to money they’re all in it for themselves,” Farage added.

“They get the bailouts, you go bust”, Farage added.

“That’s why we voted Brexit and it’s why in 2016 Trump got elected and got another 75 million votes in November, and now this populist action has moved from voting to what people do on the markets,” he continued.

He acknowledged that the play against the short sellers was risky, but defended the freedom of retail investors to invest their money how they wish.

“If people go into something with their eyes open, if they’re prepared to risk their money, that is entirely up to them. Them!”, he added.

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Farage also commented on Robinhood app blocking buy orders from GameStop, AMC and other stocks. He called the decision “outrageous”, and an example of “openly rigging the market in favor of the big guys, in favor of establishment and against the little guy.”

“It shows that big money, big politics and the regulators are all in bed together and against the little guy”, said Farage.

They’re all bed together” Farage stated, adding that Joe Biden’s Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen has received $800,000 in speaking fees from Citadel, a hedge fund that bailed out Melvin Capital.

He reminded his followers that “in 2008, Wall Street got bailed out by the taxpayer”, giving more proof that the game is rigged. He also mentioned Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez voicing her support for retail traders.

“They haven’t just got the Trumpites screaming, but they got the Trumpites now linked up with those on the left” he concluded.

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