Cuomo’s Chinese-styled pandemic response: Lies, authoritarianism and nepotism

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New York Governor Andrew Cuomo is under fire for one of the worse public health scandals in recent history. The darling of liberals, mainstream media and all the admirers of Chinese styled pandemic response had done exactly what China did; cover up the real numbers for political gain. But that’s not even where the similarities end.

New York state senators revealed that Governor Cuomo was covering up the actual number of COVID-19 deaths in nursing homes in 2020 to get more lenient treatment under the Biden administration.

Melissa DeRosa, a top aide for the governor apologized to Democratic lawmakers, saying the administration “froze” when initially asked by state legislators back in August about the issue. That stunning admission agreed with a report that suggested that Cuomo’s administration undercounted deaths among nursing home residents by as much as 50%.

Not so long ago, New York’s governor was a darling for the mainstream media and everyone that wanted ‘strong leadership’, meaning authoritarianism, during the pandemic.

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What’s even worse, his popularity surged so far that the hashtag #Cuomosexual was briefly trending on Twitter. If we were to trust New York Post, many women had a ‘pandemic crush’ on the New York governor.

As Guardian columnist Arwa Mahdawi wrote, the pandemic seems to affect the sense of taste in more ways than one.

And potentially, it might even affect one’s moral compass.

“For several years, the Cuomo administration has used Trump and his unpopularity in New York state as a shield to any criticism of his fiefdom,” New York state Republican Sen. Thomas O’Mara said.

Cuomo seemed to consistently be more worried about protecting his public image (and tarnishing Trump’s) rather than responding rationally to the pandemic. You know, not unlike the Chinese.

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The good news is that the mainstream media is turning on him, recognizing that even the ‘admission’ by his top aid is really just another way to try and blame Trump for their lies.

And as the entire New York administration is starting to look like an authoritarian clique, the story would not be complete without a healthy dose of nepotism.

Governor Cuomo’s brother, CNN anchor Chris Cuomo unsurprisingly did not mention the scandal on his show. Ironically, Cuomo Prime Time was the only show that didn’t cover the biggest Cuomo-related news of the week.

CNN anchor Chris Cuomo possibly could not get himself to shed light on his brother’s scandal, which completes the picture that paints Cuomo as a Chinese-styled authoritarian.

Funnily enough, this was not the first time Chris was criticised for something that relates to his brother.

In August 2019 Chris came under fire for a violent outburst against a Trump supporter who was trying to taunt him by calling him ‘Fredo’. Fredo is a reference from the movie ‘Godfather’, as Fredo was the less successful of the Corleone brothers.

The insult must have gotten to Chris, who went on to threaten the man with physical violence and called ‘Fredo’ an ‘ethnic slur’ and the equivalent of the ‘N-word’ for Italians.

All we are missing is that someone should say that criticizing Cuomo’s coronavirus lies is a form of racism, just like the term ‘Chinese virus’ supposedly is.

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