Cumulus Orders On-Air Hosts to Stop Suggesting Election Fraud

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Giant talk radio company Cumulus Media has reportedly issued a directive to its on-air personalities to stop suggesting the 2020 election was fraudulent — or get canned.

According to The Washington Post, Brian Philips, Cumulus’ executive vice president of content and audience, told workers in an internal memo Wednesday — the day supporters of President Donald Trump stormed the Capitol — that “we need to help induce national calm NOW.”

The memo added that Cumulus and its syndication arm Westwood One “will not tolerate any suggestion that the election has not ended. The election has been resolved, and there are no alternate acceptable ‘paths,'” the Post reported.

Any transgression from the policy would result in termination, the memo said, the news outlet reported. 

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Mark Levin is among the talk show hosts on Cumulus Media who has supported the fraudulent election claims, Business Insider noted. On an episode following the Capitol siege, Levin condemned the violence and asserted he and the other 74 million Trump voters are not part of a violent group, questioning who caused the violence, BI reported.

Cumulus Media has local programming through 416 owned-and-operated stations across 86 markets, along with 8,000 affiliated stations through Westwood One, according to its website. Rush Limbaugh is heard on many Cumulus-owned stations, but is syndicated by another company and isn’t subject to the memo, the Post reported.


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