Bret Baier Mocks Americans Who Are Angry Over Fox News Bad “AZ Biden” Call on Election Night

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Fox News has changed a lot since the days of Roger Ailes.

They’ve become like Drudge, only they’re much smarter…they don’t make it as obvious that they’ve turned on Trump.

People wonder, “how can they be anti-Trump, but still have shows like Tucker and Hannity?”

Very easily.

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It’s called propaganda.

You can’t become the nation’s biggest “controlled opposition force” if you don’t have the attention of the people you’re supposed to control, right?

You have to reel in the hearts, minds, and eyeballs of people somehow, right?

Think of it this way…Hannity, Tucker, and Laura, etc. are like the flour, sugar, and butter in a cookie, and Fox News’ globalist propaganda are the chocolate chips.

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Sure, the flour, sugar, and butter hold the cookie together, but those little chocolate chips linger on your tastebuds longest, and you think about them most often.

That’s why when Fox News drops an anti-Trump poll or a news story it’s always taken so much more “serious.”

“Well, they’re the “conservative voice” so if they say this bad thing about Trump, it MUST be true.

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That’s a very, very powerful form of propaganda and one that Fox News and the left (together) use often against President Trump.

That’s why Fox News has been putting out so many garbage polls, and propping up frauds like Chris Wallace – an anti-Trump zealot – as “fair and impartial reporters.”

It’s also why on election night they refused to call “key states” won early by Trump, and projected Arizona for Biden.

Trust me when I say…they are a key part of the Biden Steal, and Fox News is even more dangerous than CNN, MSNBC, NYT, and WAPO all rolled into one.

And they’re very arrogant about it.

Just look at how Bret Baier responded when a loyal Fox News viewer, fed up with the election night coverage, said they were done and “breaking up” with Fox.

It’s a joke to smug and arrogant Bret, and it’s funny to mock Americans, according to Bret.

“Can we still just be friends?”

Here are just some of the zillions of negative comments Bret received.

“You think this is funny? It’s a joke to you? You and Fox News have done more to legitimize the Biden Steal than CNN, MSNBC, WAPO, and NYT all put together. Fox News is the enemy of all American Patriots.”

“Friends don’t stab you in the back”

“This isn’t a joke. You can’t be friends with people who pretend to be your friend and lie. I hope Tucker leaves and takes his viewers with him.”

“Nope. Y’all did the same thing in 2018. I turned @FoxNews off then. Somehow you managed to do it worse this time. Ciao!”

“No. We’re done.”

“You mock now, but when FOX ratings and revenues crash, and you ( I’ve never understood the Elite Term for you so called Elitist) all start getting let go, we will see how you then mock …”

“You guys are only friends with the Dems these days.”

“Wow Bret! Screwing with our elections is a funny to you? Disgusting!”

“Sorry Bret, I’m done with Fox. Hello @OANN”

“Once I’m done I’m done. Sorry Tucker Carlson you’re just collateral damage. Piss off Faux news.”

“You are part of the swamp. Called AZ way too early which lead to all the vote counts in #DEM states to halt. You are part of the coup d’etat”

“I’ve talked my neighbors and friends out of watching your crap station.”

“F**k Fox News – that’s new in your header. Once a unique product in a crowded market has become just another white SUV on a crowded hwy.”
Fox News doesn’t deseerve your ratings or your loyalty…they’ve committed the ultimate betrayl and shown themselves for hwo they truly are. Please, stop rewading them by watching. There are so many other good alternatives out there that don’t have a “hidden agenda.”

OANN, Newsmax, and just getting your news from the conservative sites you trust online.

I will leave you with this:

President Trump is ready to fight…and he IS fighting right now, as we speak.

We need to brush off the shock and sadness and fight with him.

This will go to the courts and we will win this.

Don’t give up and don’t give in. We didn’t fight this hard for 5 years to roll over when the Deep State strikes.

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