Antifa violence spreads: Tacoma erupts in destructive protests

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A protest in Tacoma, Washington turned violent with Antifa activists destroying, smashing windows on businesses, cars, and government buildings. The protest followed an incident in which a Tacoma police officer injured two people while driving his SUV through a crowd at an street racing event.

More than 200 Antifa protesters were involved in protests in Tacoma, Washington, just a day after wreaking havoc in Portland.  

Multiple videos on social media show the windows of vehicles and a county government building being smashed by Antifa rioters. Other videos and images showed broken glass scattered on the sidewalk outside of businesses and graffiti sprayed on the side of buildings. 

More videos show Antifa starting fires in the middle of the street and blocking road with garbage cans, signs, parking meters and anything else they can find.

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Several small businesses appeared to have been heavily vandalized by rioters. The police arrived late at the scene, and the protesters advanced at them.

Later on Sunday night, Tacoma police declared an “unlawful assembly” as crowds continued to march through the streets. 

The video that sparked the protests was filmed after police officers responded to calls about illegal street racing which blocked traffic. Police officers arrived at the scene and were blocked by protestors.

Multiple videos filmed by civilians were released on social media. The videos in question show a police SUV driving into a crowd which was swarming the vehicle an blocking its way. The police vehicle is seen to back up and hit the protesters, running over at least one person.

As the officer speeds through the crowd, the vehicle appeared to lift up as it ran over one of the protesters.

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In another video, the sound of an engine revving is followed by a series of thuds and an individual exclaiming twice, “Damn, they’re hitting a cop car.”

Police officials say the officer feared for his safety as the crowd pounded on the windows while surrounding the SUV and refusing to let it pass.

Tacoma Police Department spokesperson told the Tacoma News-Tribune that officers responded to reports of street racers and a crowd of people blocking the streets. The officer was reportedly afraid the crowd would break his glass. “That prompted him to speed out of the scene for his own safety,” she explained. The newspaper reported one person had to be transported to a hospital.

The incident was condemned by Tacoma’s mayor. The mayor has called on the city manager and police chief to hold everyone involved accountable in the incident.

“For those who woke up this morning feeling outrage, frustration, grief, heartbreak, or confusion, I understand and honor your feelings. I, too, am deeply saddened by what we saw last night,” Mayor Victoria Woodards said.

The protests followed similar protests in Portland, Oregon, starting day of Joe Biden’s inauguration. “We don’t want Biden. We want revenge for police murders, imperialist wars, and fascist massacres,” read one of the banners displayed by protesters.

Protesters targeted offices of the Democratic party, and ICE buildings, demanding open borders and amnesty. After days the initial protests, the violence and destruction is spreading, with no sign of stopping.

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