AARP CEO Calls For More ‘Clarity’ On Vaccine Availability For Seniors

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The chief executive officer of AARP said Sunday there should be more “clarity” and streamlined process for COVID-19 vaccine administration to senior citizens outside of nursing homes.

In an interview on CBS News’ “Face the Nation,” Jo Ann Jenkins, the CEO of the American Association of Retired Persons, said “we’re not moving fast enough.”

“There could be some simple clarity and transparency about what is to be expected, the time frame that individuals all across this country should be thinking about,” she urged.

“Clearly, we need to keep up the protections of wearing masks and washing our hands and doing all of those things. We shouldn’t let our guard down. But there needs to be further clarity about and expectations set about when these vaccines are going to be administered widely.”

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Jenkins said AARP has information on its own website, but here’s far greater need for wider information.

“We’re listing everything that we have from the states about … the priorities in each of the states, how [seniors are] going to be able to get their vaccinations,” she said.

“Clearly, we’re hearing directly from our members that they’re confused about whether or not they should be calling their physician, whether or not someone’s going to contact them, which of the vaccines should they be trying to take if they live in rural America or in an urban city, just how that’s going to happen.”


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